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Best ED Treatment

Best ED Treatment The title Best ED Treatment, implies a number of different things,1. first it implies that it is singular2. It’s not a question3. In what way is it Best?4. Does Treatment in include medications and or what else?Let us begin by considering medicationsI would question whether medications are in fact an erectile dysfunction … Read more

Online Treatment for Erectile dysfunction without medication

Online Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction without medication Online treatment of Erectile Dysfunction with self-hypnosis Online Hypnotic treatment for erectile dysfunction Online Clinical Cases The names and locations of the following case have been changed so as to exclude any possibility of anyone recognising them and to preserve the privacy and anomality of the actual people … Read more

Stopping smoking

Stopping Smoking? Up until this post I have concentrated on one particular problem presented by my patients, that was because the largest demand for my help was from men suffering from erectile dysfunction it remains so at the time of writing this blog.    However, there are many more requests for help in understanding more general … Read more

Why pills are not enough

For the purpose of this post I thought that I would start with drawing your attention to what others are saying on the subject of fixing Erectile Dysfunction, rather than stating my own opinions even if I am guided by over 25 years of experience. Here is what Nadia Bokody a world leading authority on … Read more