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A way to deal with your anxiety.

A way to deal with your anxiety.    First of all, understand that anxiety is something we all experience at some time or other, it’s a perfectly normal thing and in fact it’s built into our being to help protect us from danger.    All animals and people get it when they are faced with not knowing what will happen next, it is part of a built- in mechanism we have often referred to as ‘Fight or flee’

When you feel anxiety rising within

Ask yourself ‘What are you anxious about?’  

More often than not you will find yourself being anxious about something you have never come across before.   This ‘fear of the unknown’ personally, I don’t know anybody who is never anxious about-facing new situations.    You are definitely not alone in this respect.     

Everybody who is suffering anxiety will be anxious about something in particular and distinctive to themselves, so at this juncture we shall consider just a few examples and describe how you might care to deal with them.

The trick of dealing with your anxiety is to analyise the object of your fear.   Sit yourself down comfortably and take deep breaths, have a few quiet moments and try to be calm, after all you are in a safe place now so nothing can harm you.     When you feel ready, begin by identifying the first single thing you are anxious about.    Do you have to go somewhere you have not been before?     Are you scheduled to meet someone previously unknown to you?     Does the thought of travelling on public transport concern you?    There of course hundreds of possibilities, situations, unknown hazards, dangers even, but here is the thing, remember none (Zero) of these are threatening you just now, for you are in your familiar comfortable place.    From this point onwards, before you make any movement to get ready to go to the place, meeting, travel, whatever it is that you are anxious about you take a very close look at it and decide what about it in particular makes you anxious?   For instance, let’s suppose you need to travel on a very crowded bus and this is what is worrying you.  Okay, that surely is very understandable, we all wish we could avoid being in such a situation.   And that is the clue, thousands of people do this every day sometimes several times a day and none of them come to any harm, they are all just trying to get where they want to be.      So, you know deep down that you can do that just as well as anybody else can.     Granted travelling in crowded public transport is often not a pleasant experience, and most of the fellow passengers are disliking it just as you are even thinking about it.  But it gets the people where they want to go and does so safely, nobody gets hurts. You have nothing to be anxious about this particular worry.     Ah you might say but what if I get jammed in the crowded bus and can’t get off at the stop I want?    Just think!  Do you suppose you are the only one with that thought?  Of course, you are not, everyone else is probably thinking the same. If the bus stop you wish to alight at is near the beginning of the bus’s route, then the sensible thing to do is to sit or stand near the exit doors.  And remember you can always shout out to the driver that you are trying to get off at the next stop.  

To summarize, if you carefully breakdown what the thing, action, whatever is that is causing you anxiety, and apply honest common sense to analyzing its nature in deep detail you will find that you have nothing to fear from it.   Anxiety is described as a real or imagined fear of an undefined object, situation or condition.  In fact, it is the not knowing that worries most of us.   Once you accept that, the anxiety no longer exists.

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