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About Me

Site owne and Therapist

Welcome to my Online hypnotherapy Clinic.  My name is Alan Leonard Smith, I have been practicing hypnotherapy for over 25 years I am qualified DHP Acc. Hyp. and belong to several societies and professiona associations.

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 Professional Standards Authority Accredited Register of hypnotherapists

I agree to abide by the Society Code of Ethics, a copy of which is available on application

I carry full Professional Indemnity Insurance at all times

I am the person taking care and treating you throughout your time with us.    

For the success of your treatment, it is essential that we trust one another, so I hope you will be able to regard us as friends as well as Patient and Hypnotist.     If you have any concerns or questions at any time during your treatment do feel free to express them fully with me, because it will all help your recovery and you can rest assured that anything you tell me in confidence will forever remain Private and Confidential between us, never to be disclosed to any other person, firm or company.   

I do keep records of my patient’s treatment and progress, but this is only so that I can continually improve my professional abilities.   These records are kept in a very safe manner and such that your identity is not associated with such details.    When you leave my care, I will securely destroy your name. address, email number, or anything else which could lead anyone to you, in accordance with my commitment to the Data Protection Act.

I am fully committed to a successful outcome of your treatment and to you returning to the happy functional person I am sure you really are.

Yours Sincerely

Alan L Smith  DHP Acc Hyp

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