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What is anxiety and how best to deal with it?

Anxiety is characterized as an irrational fear of something.   It is actually a very good and useful thing, built in to us all animals and humans alike it is part of the well-known, Flight or Flee response designed to protects us from danger.

 Therefore, if you are anxious about anything, you should not be concerned that others will think you in some way ill.  Only if you find that your anxiety is affecting your everyday routines should you consider seeking some help and advice.

When we are anxious about something it is concerning us in a psychological and emotional way.  It is not in itself a physical condition.   We have never heard of anybody dying from Anxiety.    Granted when we are anxious it can and often does cause our bodies to produce conditions which are physical and real but the Anxiety itself is still not physical.  When a person gets obsessive about their Anxiety to the extent that it is occupying their minds 24/7, they may choose to consult a physician or psychiatrist.  This action may turn out to be the wrong direction, particularly if like the majority of people, you wish to avoid taking medication.    We have all heard of patients being prescribed mind changing medications which in a short time made them display further and more serious conditions and in addition become addicted to the drug used. We are not suggesting that their medical professional was wrong in their diagnosis or treatment because it may well be that the patient was in fact suffering from other conditions than Anxiety alone.   However, many patients can testify that the treatment they received, did nothing to reduce their Anxiety. Or in having a calming effect to their Anxiety at a cost of very undesirable side effects, like depression or suicidal thoughts. 

How then is it to best treat Anxiety?

In common with almost every undesirable condition the best course is to take action as early as possible.    Anxiety is very easy to treat if the right direction is taken at this very early stage, because you will be addressing the Anxiety itself and not some consequential additional condition.

Who should an Anxiety patient consult?

First port of call, ‘Yourself’

Try dealing with the Anxiety yourself.   There are many things you can do to combat your condition.   You are an intelligent person, so apply reason to the situations you face and which are causing you to be anxious.     Taking really deep breaths is one recommended response to a stressful situation.     Discussing the frightening scenario with your partner or even telling your pet, dog or cat, all about it will help you calm down and start to see things in an objective way.   You can do any activity such as walking, running, jugging, cycling particularly if it takes you outdoors in good weather. And then there is Relaxation exercises that you can do at any time.    Yoga, Meditation and other such activities are excellent for refocusing your thoughts.  We also run a regular free webinar teaching people how to reach a state of complete relaxation.  Above all do not take any drugs, legal or otherwise, they don’t help and may make matter much worst.   Same goes for Alcohol 


If you find that it would help to discuss or seek help with someone who would listen and not be judgemental or critical, one who would respect your privacy and confidentially, then your next option should be to get a consultation with a professional psychologist or hypnotist but not just anyone of these but one who does not use drugs to treat their patients.

We offer free initial consultations to all new patients.     We use a hypnotic method which sets out to teach you how to calmly deal with any situation and after a short period you would be able to apply it yourself.   It is called Self-Hypnosis.

Self-Hypnosis. Means that the patient is always in charge of their treatment and can apply it or refrain, start or stop whenever they like or when faced with scenes that causes them to be anxious.   Self-hypnosis has a high success rate; it is a skill that once learnt can be applied to any number of situations and conditions.

You do not need to suffer from Anxiety, you deserve to be rid of it, so act on these suggestions and see that they are very helpful, calming and successful.

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