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Anxiety What is anxiety and how best to deal with it? Anxiety is characterized as an irrational fear of something.   It is actually a very good and useful thing, built in to us all animals and humans alike it is part of the well-known, Flight or Flee response designed to protects us from danger.  Therefore, … Read more

A way to deal with your anxiety.

A way to deal with your anxiety.    First of all, understand that anxiety is something we all experience at some time or other, it’s a perfectly normal thing and in fact it’s built into our being to help protect us from danger.    All animals and people get it when they are faced with not knowing … Read more

Avoiding Medications

I am a fully qualified hypnotherapist and have been practicing for over 25 years. I want to set out my own point of view when it comes to treating psychological conditions. My position is, to which you may or may not agree, that I avoid taking medicines of any sort as I firmly believe that … Read more

Anxiety is Normal – Anxiety Disorder is Different!

Anxiety is Normal – Anxiety Disorder is Different! The route cause of many aliments is clearly in one’s head.    As a hypnotherapist I totally disagree with the practice of treating such conditions as Anxiety and Stress with pharmaceuticals.     Like all types of medications each have benefits and unwanted side effects.    Our recent experience with the … Read more

Self-Hypnosis, the real Natural alternative treatment for many aliments.

Self-Hypnosis, the real Natural alternative treatment for many aliments. This post is by way of an introduction to my services and gives an overview of what is possible by the use of Self-Hypnosis. Hi my name is Alan, I have been practicing hypnotherapy for over 25 years, and are a member of several associations including … Read more


LEARN TO HYPNOTISE YOURSELF Following the first of our special webinars on ‘Learning Self-Hypnosis’ a number of issues have come to light.   Many of the people who had hoped to take could not do so due to technical reasons.  The main reason was the incompatibility of the devices used to receive this broadcast. So, before … Read more

Self Care for Men: 5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Time at Home During Lockdown

Did you know that cases of depression have tripled since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States? While in lockdown, Americans have been suffering from being isolated and often overwhelmed. Self care for men can be difficult during a forced lockdown when more time in the house is expected. Here are five … Read more

Healing Your Past Trauma: 5 Benefits of Hypnotherapy for PTSD

5 Benefits of Hypnotherapy for PTSD Is post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) running your life? Begin your healing process with hypnotherapy. We explain the benefits of hypnotherapy for PTSD here. Military combat, natural disasters, assault, car accidents: PTSD doesn’t just happen to soldiers. Around 8 million American adults experience PTSD each given year. This debilitating … Read more