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Avoiding Medications

I am a fully qualified hypnotherapist and have been practicing for over 25 years.

I want to set out my own point of view when it comes to treating psychological conditions.

My position is, to which you may or may not agree, that I avoid taking medicines of any sort as I firmly believe that putting chemical substances into one’s body is detrimental.   Of course, some times, it is necessary to take something when the condition is clearly physical. 

But so many conditions are psychologically based meaning the cause is firmly rooted in our minds.

Take for example Anxiety, this is a totally psychological condition.  Many have tried to argue that their physical symptoms such as shortage of breath or increased heart rate are in fact Anxiety, they are not correct, ‘Anxiety never killed anyone’    Another example is Agoraphobia, it might convince one to always stay indoors but in fact it is a condition totally based in one’s mind.   Such conditions in my view should always be treated in a psychologically way.  

Very many sufferers from these and many similar conditions are given mind altering drugs before any type of therapy.     Whereas my preference is, at the very minimum try and resolve what the cause of the condition is using solely talking therapy.     In any event what is there is nothing to lose by applying such a technique? If it doesn’t work for the particular individual then they can always move on to other interventions.

Since I have been providing my services online these last two years, I can testify that several of my clients presenting with Anxiety have completely cured themselves using nothing more than learning to completely Relax.

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