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Best ED Treatment

Best ED Treatment

The title Best ED Treatment, implies a number of different things,
1. first it implies that it is singular
2. It’s not a question
3. In what way is it Best?
4. Does Treatment in include medications and or what else?
Let us begin by considering medications
I would question whether medications are in fact an erectile dysfunction treatment, my default position is that they are in fact an application of some substance to encourage an increased flow of blood to the penis. It clearly does not attempt to treat ED. My evidence for this is that there are well researched studies which show that the majority of patients presenting with ED do not respond to medication alone. Recent research has shown that people regularly using pills for their ED are only using them as a prop and it is their faith in them that enables the patient to get an erection. If the flow of blood to the penis is restricted then of course that needs to be corrected, but is so doing it does not provide a cure for erectile dysfunction, certainly it enables the patient to be able to obtain and retain an erection.
The main substances contained in Pills, Injections, Creams and similar concoctions are
• avanafil (Stendra)
• sildenafil (Viagra)
• tadalafil (Cialis)
• vardenafil (Levitra, Staxyn)
“All of these work by relaxing your muscles and boosting blood flow to your penis, making erections easier to get and maintain”. And that statement is very telling, note there is no claim that they will cure your ED. Actually, this is further emphasized by the fact that the patient must keep taking the dose whenever sexual activity is about to take place. Which introduces other disadvantages, like having to take them a certain amount of time before sexual activity, there by killing spontaneity. In summary pills do not treat ED directly, are not a cure, but just a temporary partial fix. It is never good to put foreign substances into one’s body, and in that respect Pills, Injections and Some Creams are not ideal candidates for the top of my list.
Now let us consider some of the mechanical devices to enable the patient to get and maintain an erection.
Under this subheading I am including
1. Vacuum devices
2. Compression rings
3. Vibration devices
Vacuum Pumps comprise of a tube into which the penis is placed, then pressed firmly to seal against the body, a pump with a one-way valve such as a stiff rubber chamber or a battery or mains operated pump. It is intended to work by pulling a vacuum in the tube thereby allowing more blood to flow into the main vessels and so obtain an erection. A manually operated valve to release the penis is incorporated so that the device can be removed when a satisfactory erection has been achieved.
The most obvious disadvantage of such a device is of course the complete procedure must be performed at the actual moments before sex. While this might be okay for couples during foreplay or during playful sex games it does not necessarily provide an erection suitable for full intercourse. However, it can be combined with other or additional means such as medications and or compression rings.
Compression Rings.
These devices are designed to be tight fitting and placed at the base of the penis once an erection has been achieved. These rings may be made of a number of different materials including Hard Plastics or Metal, or they may simply comprise of Tapes or strings with methods to enable a restriction of a suitable pressure to be applied and held. The object is to try and prevent the blood from leaving the penis so that deflation does not occurs. These devices are reported to be uncomfortable even for a short period of use. It is often recommended to use a ring in conjunction with a vacuum device.
Vibration devices
This group of devices takes several forms, some are just the same as massage applicators, others have provision for the insertion of the penis, some are combined with facility to massage the prostrate at the same time as the penis. They come with several degrees of sophistication including, programable speed and duration of application, others are very simple devices or combined with a ring or other format. They are intended to work by vibrating the penis to assist the blood flow to enable obtaining an erection. As is fairly obvious, they could not be considered a treatment for erectile dysfunction.
Shock Wave therapy (a type of ultrasound)
This is a fairly new type of treatment for erectile dysfunction. It is not generally applicable for private use and is currently being offered at some specialist clinics. One must attend a clinic for a course of treatment which may be many occasions, each lasting up to one hour. It is not at all clear what the objective is but I presume the target is to encourage blood to flow freely into the penis? This therapy, for that is, what the providers claim it to be, is extreme and, in my view likely to be dangerous. The risk of permanent injury is high, but in the interests of a fair balance I would add that since at the time of writing I do not have a great deal of evidence for or against. Shall we say the jury is still out. One thing is certain, this is not an erectile treatment aimed at anything approaching a cure. As with all the other treatments described above it does not deal with the root cause of erectile dysfunction.
Electric Shock therapy
In many ways this therapy has a similar aim to that of the above discussed and the object is to increase the blood flow in the penis. Not to be confused with more severe form of electric therapy used for mental patients suffering from such conditions as schizophrenia, but rather like Tens therapy. all of the options discussed above have a common goal, to increase blood flow to the penis.

Physical Fitness
Many, support the use of a fitness regime as an aid to recovery from erectile dysfunction. There is nothing wrong with this approach since if the patient is unfit, they would naturally find sexual activity difficult. For the average, non – athletic person a moderate degree of physical exercise is certainly a benefit, providing a general sense of well-being, both in body health and mind. Care must be taken to not overdo the exercising, because there is a large body of evidence to show that where the subject undertakes regular advanced exercise in the form of athletic activity for longer durations and periods the production of the sexual hormones is reduced.

A Round up of discussion so far
While, it is absolutely necessary for the patient’s physical reasons for their erectile dysfunction to be attended to, none of these things will work on their own. In Erectile Dysfunction there is always a degree of psychological factors. I will explain why this is at the end of this post, but for now please accept that physical factors are the least of the contributing factors to ED.

Watching Porn on the internet
Many Erectile Dysfunction suffers, try watching Porn videos on their computers. For a large proportion of those it does appear to have some effect, all be it just at the time and having no lasting benefitable outcome. What is generally understood and accepted is the fact that watching porn, particularly extreme porn, can have a lasting detrimental effect on the subject’s ability to perform normal sexual activity. So, while this is a psychological approach, it is not the correct one and the risk of lasting undesired outcomes makes it one to be avoided.
The Psychological approach
At this point we need to understand the true nature of men’s sexual responses, which are very complex involving both body and mind.
For those who have experienced satisfying sexual activity in the past or do so at present, may be able to relate the following to what they have themselves witnessed. “getting and maintaining an erection suitable for full sexual activity is a largely subconscious action” This means providing that there is not physical reason/s, like reduced blood flow to the penis, heart problems involving blood pressure, medications for other aliments which may have an adverse effect etc, then what remains can only be the unseen part, the subconscious. Secondly, if one was to be able to get and maintain a suitable erection just by thinking about it consciously, you would not be experiencing Erectile Dysfunction.
Under natural conditions a man gets an erection when his subconscious receives certain triggers. What actually happens is, these triggers, signals, come in a form that is recognised by one or more of the five senses, Taste, Smell, Sight, Hearing, Feeling. Once they are received the subconscious goes about setting in motion the necessary actions such as the release of a number of different hormones, these in turn set off a whole chain of events resulting is a Hard, long lasting Erection, note all this happens in a very short time span and without us even having to think about it. In someone suffering from Erectile Dysfunction this complex series of events fails do to do so for a number of possible reasons. Most prominently, the reason are memories which have been forgotten and are hidden from the patient’s conscious mind. Also, Anxiety is very often a contributing factor, which comes about by the patient having experienced failures in the past.
The components of a Hard, long lasting, erection is 5% Physical and 95% Psychological. They are intertwined and both factors have to be dealt with in order to get a full recovery. This is why I always ask my patients “have you checked with your doctor that there are no factors preventing you from achieving an erection”
Hypnosis or rather self-hypnosis can deal with the majority of cases, my own records show an 80% success rate by using nothing more than a pre-recorded Audio Track, used for a number of times before sleep has been proven to be highly effective. This assumes that there are no underlying physical contra indications which have not been dealt with.

For a few patients who do not respond well to the above simple hypnosis a slighter in-depth approach may be required. This could be for several reasons, the patient may have retained subconscious memories of something in their past, they may for instance have been abused in childhood. To undertake treatment requires the assistance of a Hypnotherapist and may need several sessions. But even with these most badly affected patients the outcomes have been good in over 95% of cases.
The one outstanding thing I can report is that if you suffer from Erectile Dysfunction the sooner you do something about it the better chance you have of a complete recovery. There is one thing we all want if in that position that’s a complete recovery.

Thank you for reading this post and I sincerely hope you will draw some useful information from it.
Do feel free to comment I am always happy to hear from my readers


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