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Can anyone be Hypnotized?

To fully answer that question there are a number of things you should know first

  • What is hypnosis?    Clinical hypnosis which is nothing like most people’s idea gained from witnessing a performance by a so-called Stage Hypnotist.   
  •  Hypnosis we use is a in effect ‘self-hypnosis.’  where the patient is always in control. Being in a hypnotic trance is in fact just an extreme stage of relaxation, best described as somewhere between awake and fully asleep.   
  • Anyone who wishes to be hypnotised can be hypnotised, conversely anyone who does not want to be hypnotised cannot be hypnotised.  
  • Some people find relaxation more difficult to achieve than others.   Generally, we find that the group of people who are easiest to hypnotise are in the higher IQ bracket.    People who are artistic are also much easier to hypnotise. This is not to say that other types of people cannot be hypnotised, it just depends on the individual’s determination to follow the instructions of the hypnotist, some people need to practice their relaxation exercises others find they can go deep into a relaxed state easily and quickly.      
  • The question ‘can anyone be hypnotised?’ is misleading because it suggests that the hypnotist will be taking control over the subject, this is not so, in fact the hypnotist’s job is to act as your guide to deep relaxation.
  • Deep relaxation is a very desirable state so much so that most people who have obtained it look forward to returning there at the first opportunity.
  • In this relaxed state known as a trance, the subconscious mind is open to ‘suggestions’ which the subject is free to accept or not as they wish.
  • Thus, within the bounds of the above explanations ‘

‘Anyone Can be Hypnotised’

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