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Cost of Hypnosis Compared to Pills for ED

Are you looking for a cheaper alternative to Viagra? Over-the-counter pills for ED are notoriously expensive, and when you stop taking them the problem doesn’t go away either! Like with any medication, there is a chance of side-effects too.

Hypnosis can be highly effective at treating ED (when the cause is psychological). It addresses the deep-rooted subconscious beliefs, lack of self-esteem or built-up pressure that contributes to erectile dysfunction.

For some people the idea of a professional hypnotist may seem too expensive. In fact both hypnotists and ED medication can be, since both are typically not covered by health insurance. In the UK neither are available on the NHS (although there are some exceptions for pills if you have certain medical conditions).

The average cost of ED medication

The typical price per pill is as $15-$20, in the UK a pack of 4 can run £20. If you are lucky enough to receive tablets on your health insurance, the quantity is likely to be limited.

The average cost of hypnosis

The cost of a professional hypnotist can range anywhere from $75-$200 (£50-£175) per session. While it is possible to resolve certain issues in just one session, most people will go on to have 2-5.

When you compare Viagra and Opilon to hypnosis, both can seem as expensive as the other. But pills are only a sticking plaster, and they have side-effects like headaches, nausea, and dizziness. Hypnosis on the other hand resolves your ED for good (if successful). That said, professional hypnotist is just simply too expensive for so many.

A cheaper alternative to viagra and professional hypnosis

Many people are not aware that they can gain the same benefits of hypnosis, without the side-effects of pills for tens of dollars, not hundreds. One solution is pre-recorded tracks.

Fortunately it’s not necessary to be in the same room as a hypnotist to change your behaviour; after-all it’s just words, there’s no magic involved. Few people realize that they can be hypnotized just as effectively from a recording. There’s a whole market of hypnosis CDs and MP3s for everything from weight loss to smoking cessation, anxiety and stress.

The hypnosis for ED audio track from ALS Therapeutics is recorded by a professional, trained hypnotist. Instead of paying top dollar to go to a hypnotists office, you can spend just $ 43.60 (one time) and listen confidentially from the comfort of your own home. Listen as many times as you need, all for the same price.

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