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Treating Erectile Dysfunction without medication


Welcome to my update of the latest news about the development of treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. My name is Alan and most people that know me including my past and present clients refer to me as ‘Alan’ or sometimes even just ‘Al’.   And that is how I like it, keeping things simple is one of my most basic beliefs.  I have been practicing hypnotherapy for over 25 years during which time I have successfully treated many hundreds of people for a very wide range of conditions including helping people to Stop Smoking, Overcome Anxiety, Phobias, Pain Relief, and Treating Erectile Dysfunction.

During the last few years I have been able to find time and resources to pursue a study about a subject which I first became aware of over 30 years ago.    You can read about some of that activity in another part of this website.    The subject is about understanding how the subconscious mind is essential in applying effective treatments and how I learnt to utilise this knowledge to help Erectile Dysfunction sufferers.

Before I go any further, I must declare that I too once suffered from erectile dysfunction.  But I was lucky to be studying psychology at the time and had contact with my teachers and some of the very best practitioners of all time, who showed me a scientific method of formulating counter to this distressing condition which in my early twenty’s was particularly painful mainly to my ego.  I mention this because you will know that is where I got the motivation from to forge a career in Hypnotherapy a branch of practical psychology.  I am therefore in a position to understand the pain that any suffers of ED are going through and to help with the knowledge and expertise gained from experience.  

My edhypnosis solution is completely different from all of the physical treatments

The main focus is on the individual and based around proven scientific principles.   It is important that you understand these few basics before you consider or reject my treatment.  I have been carrying out research now for over seven years on who are affected by ED and why they ended up with it in the first place.  Here are the main factors and results from my study subjects over a total period of eleven years,  

Total sample size:  1700 (and still rising) including men of all ages from 18 to over 80,

While no particular selection of subject candidates was sought, they included a very wide range of people from many different cultures and backgrounds.

The one common factor was that they were either currently suffering from ED or had done so in the recent past.

The set of questions asked were prearranged and remained the same throughout the study.

  • What is your age?
  • Are you currently seeking treatment for ED?
  • Are you currently taking any form of medication for your ED?
  • How long have you had your condition?
  • Have you sought the advice of your physician for your ED?
  • Would you be prepared to undergo a controlled test for the effectiveness of Pill therapy? Those that indicated positively were sent a placebo pill with the instruction to report as soon as possible after using it on how well it worked.
  • All participants received the upmost respect and remained anonymous throughout.


The most amazing thing that came out of my analysis of the first 500 cases

Was a strong indication that there was a correlation between those persons regularly taking a Pill for their condition and the benefit they were receiving.

With over 1700 cases now assessed I can report that on average the results show that in over 60% of those tested are getting little if any physical benefit from taking pills, and therefore do not need to take them.    What is even more interesting is the fact that if they are not being helped physically what else is happening?  Clearly my first response as a Psychology practitioner is that the subject believes that taking a pill helps.  I should have not been so surprised at this revelation had I studied physical medicine as a student.  However, I was able to ask a few of my many friends who qualified as doctors and found that this ‘placebo effect’ is considered normal occurrences in many of their patients.  Most told me that in prescribing they always emphases the importance of having faith in the belief that the medication will work.

The Pill manufacturers seem to support this themselves, if you are taking a Pill for your ED do read the patient leaflet that comes with every pack.  Note that they all say that it will only work if you about to have sex?

Patients report that if they do not take a Pill before commencing sexual activity then they are unable to get and maintain an erection?   This tells me that there is a psychological aspect to the situation and clearly the Pill is in any case only treating the symptoms not the cause of their erectile dysfunction. Today all research is conducted on standard accepted scientific principles using what is referred to as the scientific method.  This requires that all experiments must be conducted in carefully controlled conditions and must be repeatable by others in order to confirm the results.


The science of psychology and the use of Hypnosis for the treatment of many different ailments is well established, its roots can be traced to the early Greeks over 3000 years ago.

Over the recent years there has been many famous contributors to the knowledge of how our minds work.   Among the well-known psychologist are those of Freud, Mc-Dougall, Pavlov, Skinner, Witsen, Carl Jung and of course Milton Erickson (1901 -1980) who practiced in the USA for the best part of his career.    What these people visualized and developed was the concept of ‘Self’ and how there are at least two distinct functioning parts of our minds.



It is generally accepted that for convenience when discussing thought processes there are two levels all animals including humans rely on for the proper functioning of both mind and body.

  1. The conscious mind
  2. The subconscious mind

Both of these operate separately and in tandem, they are very easy to evaluate and describe, and can be demonstrated at any time.

The conscious mind refers to that part of our mind (note I use the noun ‘mind’ rather than Brain) to avoid confusion about what is physical as opposed to psychological.   This part is the one we all are fully aware of in our everyday lives. It is the part which interfaces with the world beyond ourselves and is responsible for all those actions such as Speaking, Walking, Jumping and much more.   This part of us is able to calculate, assess events etc. The only limited function is that of memory.  The Conscious mind is said to have a short-term memory.

The sub-conscious mind is the most interesting part of us all and to say it is phenomenal is an understatement.   But first allow me to demonstrate your sub-conscious mind just in case you are in any doubt about its existence.

The sub-conscious mind is responsible for all those actions which we do all the time without us being even aware of it.   The beating of our Hearts, the inhaling of the lungs, and all those actions we take for granted and do not think about on an everyday basis.

The function of your subconscious mind is to store and retrieve data, it can be shown that our subconscious mind stores everything we see, hear experience or in any other way perceive and retains it forever. For that reason, I say that’s it is amazing way beyond comprehension.

The subconscious mind’s job is to ensure that you respond exactly the way you are programmed. Your subconscious mind makes everything you say and do fit a pattern consistent with your self-concept, your “master program.”  And for us seeking a possible cure to our particular problem its importance cannot be overstated. 


You will notice that nearly all of my publications and throughout my website I quote

“Getting and Maintaining an erection suitable for sexual activity is a subconscious action”

I assert this because first it is true and can be proven, but also to demonstrate should there be any doubt of the existence of your subconscious mind.  You only need to ask yourself the question ‘Do I need to consciously take an action to obtain an erection?’     Of course, you don’t. an erection will happen when your subconscious receives an appropriate signal in the form of one or more of the five senses, Smell, Hearing, Touch, Feel or Taste.   Man’s ability to respond to sexual stimuli is pre-programmed into us all at a very early age.  I would of course love to go into this in a lot more detail including the studies with animals of all sorts over very many years and is an interesting subject on its own.


If you would like a demonstration of the subconscious in action try this simple test.

You will no doubt have had an occasion when you could not remember the name of something or someone.  Try as hard as you can you cannot recall it there and then.   However later when you are no longer searching in your mind for the answer and often when relaxed it suddenly pops into your head, Yes, the thing you were looking for, complete and correct.   What in fact has been happening is that your subconscious has been retrieving the memory in the background and on finding it passes it to your conscious.



Since we can show that ‘getting and erection is an involuntary action directed by the subconscious’ the question then is what causes the start of such an action.

And the answer is that this response is preprogramed in all of us and triggered by one or more of the five senses, Sight, Sound, Touch, Feel and Taste.  It is also acknowledged that there is probably a physical aspect in the form of pheromones This is given of by members of the opposite sex and is very common in animals and insects.

Under controlled conditions it is fairly easy to demonstrate we cannot induce an erection simply by consciously thinking about it, which is the inverse of an erection happening without us thinking about it.   

This also leads us to the conclusion that merely applying a substance in order to increase blood flow in the penis is not enough on its own to produce an erection.

The causes of Erectile Dysfunction are many and include physical in addition to psychological.    If for instance one has received an injury or there are other physical factors preventing a good flow of blood to the penis then this needs to be treated first.      But the underlying cause of impotence is a breakdown in the subconscious activity.  The instances of physical reasons for impotence is thankfully rare.   Most cases can be cured by a combination of medication and psychological support.    My research shows that over 60% of ED sufferers using pills do not really need to do so, so it is fair to say the majority of ED patients only need a psychological treatment.  Further once successfully treated the results can and do last a lifetime.

The treatment I have developed over a number of years is based on the best practice of psychologists and hypnotherapists in general.  In effect it is not some new and weird alternative medicine, rather it is a very solid science-based application.   The technique I use is the same that I have used for the treatment of very many different conditions, including helping people to ‘stop smoking’ lose weight, gain confidence, stop blushing, to mention just a few, and thus there is a store of successful outcomes.   The formulation of this programme is a result of treating a large number of patients with erectile disfunction and therefore I am confident that my treatment will work for the majority of people.

    The recording contains all the elements of a one on one, physical, clinical hypnotic treatment by a very experienced practitioner.    All of the benefits at a fraction of the cost of a live session.   The recording is approximately 23 minutes long.    The elements within include, professionally recorded voice, background music and subliminal messages.

The basic technique throughout is one of self-hypnosis, meaning that the patient is required to carry out the necessary actions themselves and that they are always in control. It is not in any sense messing with your mind, in fact quite the opposite, it just resets one’s priorities, helping you to reach complete relaxation along the way.

The details

  • Instructions to the patient regarding getting prepared for the session
  • Start of Background music
  • Phase 1 introduction
  • Phase 2 Relaxation exercises leading to complete detachment of the physical body, achieved by a procedure known as progressive induction.   This part of the session is usually the longest duration.
  • Phase 3 Progressive relaxation of the mind
  • Phase 4 Deepening to Trance, a state described as somewhere between being awake and fully asleep.
  • Phase 5 start of communication with the subconscious.
  • Phase 6 Start of the introduction of suggestions.  
  • Phase 7 patient reinforcement of the suggestions
  • Phase 8 fade out of background music and sub audible tracks.
  • Final Phase return to the now.

The recording has been designed to incorporate the best practices of very many hours of clinical experience.

Patients are advised to continue their treatment for at least a few days, by repeating the exercises given on the recording.     These are all mental exercises and are best done just before sleep as is also the case for listening to the track at any time.

Finally, you may be surprised to learn that there are extra benefits from completing my Erectile Dysfunction Treatment.    The use of the recording which you can listen to any time you wish provides an excellent condition to achieve complete relaxation.     Once you learn to use the recording it can easily be applied to many other conditions.       With successful treatment comes increased confidence.

I am so confident that my treatment will work well for the greatest majority of ED sufferers that I am prepared to offer a 100% money back guarantee.

So, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by starting your ED Hypnotic treatment today.     Even if you are currently taking pills my treatment will help and you may find that after a short while you do not need those pills at all.

Thank you for your attention, I hope to hear from you in the near future

Now go to and join in the knowledge you have made the right decision.

Everyone is different, so the effect of any treatment will vary from person to person


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I have built, run and maintain my website on a non profit basis and only charge the minimum for that purpose.   Having once suffered from ED myself, my motive is to help others overcome this distressing problem which affects very many men of all ages.