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Erectile Dysfunction – Natural cure

Trouble in the bedroom

Erectile Dysfunction Natural cures

Erectile dysfunction natural cures

What do we mean by ‘natural cures?’   From all the information and data sources I has been able to access there has been a complete lack of a definition of what exactly is meant by either of the words ‘natural’ and ‘cures’. 

What do you think is a reasonable, universally accepted meaning of ‘natural’ in the context of erectile dysfunction treatment?  Are we perhaps here considering a range of physical, organic substances?  Or do we include methods which don’t involve substances of any kind?   For the purpose of this article I am going to assume that anything other than Pharmacological produced medicines some of which may indeed be derived from natural substances, be included in our considerations.

Next we come to the issue of what is the intended meaning of ‘cures’?

The problem here is not so much the noun but the meaning people attach to it. Personally, I do not use this term in the majority of my writing on the subject, but instead use words such as ‘fix’ ‘treat’   etc.   The reason I do so is because it is extremely difficult to clearly define that a client has been ‘cured’.  This applies to all types of treatment and all conditions.     If we look at prescription drugs for instance, who can say what is a ‘cure’ when you might have to take a dose every time you are about to have sexual activity?  For my money that is not a ‘cure’ but is a ‘fix’.     Next issue we have with the terms ‘cure/s’ is that for very many aliments including ED, the successful outcomes of any therapy may be as a result of a number of different approaches aimed at dealing with the origins of the complaint.    There is a well established and accepted explanation for the origin of Erectile Dysfunction, in so much that it is never entirely a single factor.  Given that, clearly one could never claim that a particular treatment is 100% responsible for a successful outcome.

In the case of Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence) there are clearly two components namely Physical and Psychological.   Unlike many physical aliments or injuries there is always a larger psychological element than a purely physical one.  Most doctors and physicians will witness that it is very important that the patient for whom they prescribe medication should believe that the treatment is going to work.   Very many studies have confirmed that patients recovered much quicker and to a greater extent when they firmly believed in the efficiency of their treatment.

So, let us see what treatments that claim to be ‘Natural’ are available, remembering none will be 100% effective considering the Psychological bias of Erectile Dysfunction.

We can consider these ‘natural’ treatments in two distinct groups, Oral (tablets and Pills) and Tactile (includes, Vacuum Pumps, Vibration, mechanical and or electrical shocks).

Getting a handle on what ED really is

Before you can contemplate trying to deal with your Erectile Dysfunction you need to get a good basic understanding of what it is.  Many think that ED is a solely physical problem, which is not true in fact it can be as much a mental health issue and involves other conditions such depression, anxiety, stress and low morale.  There is evidence that the psychological component of erectile dysfunction can be as high as 95%.   This is further backed up by the obvious factor that to get and maintain an erection suitable for penetrative sex is something that happens as a result of the subconscious mind initialising an action in a similar way to other non- conscious matters such as Heart beat, or auto-responses in reply to received triggers in the form of any of the five senses.  While it is necessary for men with ED to have a reasonable level of physical fitness, it is not to be assumed that by going on an ambitious, intensive fitness routine will cure their complaint.  In fact, over indulgence in physical exercise subdues the sexual hormones as can be seen from the wide- ranging studies taken over the last 20 years.  The main characteristics to remember before you seek out a possible solution for your erectile dysfunction. Is that there is most likely more than a single cause and thus you may need more than one simple method.  The final thing arising from this is that you are unlikely to find a treatment which would be guaranteed to provide a 100% success rate. 

If you have suffered a physical injury or have certain heart conditions or restricted blood flow capacity of the penis then you should consult your doctor.     You may be prescribed some medication for these conditions and they may or may not affect your ability to get and maintain an erection.  Medicines such as Cialis, Viagra etc are designed to help enhance blood flow to the penis, so if you read the patient information leaflet which should come with each pack you will know that they do not cure Erectile Dysfunction.

Because these drugs come with some severe side effects my advice is to never take them unless you are under constant medical supervision.

A suggested way to select the most appropriate ED Treatment for you

If one accepts that each treatment will come with its own success rate.  Not the manufacturer’s estimates but the proven statics by trials or research of independent, respected bodies.  Once you have selected the treatment you would most like to try, then start and stick to that one for a trial period, that way you will know whether the Treatment suit you, Is successful and to what extent.   Should you not get the results you expect, having received the treatment for a sensible length of time, then move on to your next best option.

You must stick to a single treatment at a time until you find one that gives you a reasonable result, then and only then should you add another, to try to get better results, bearing in mind that you may never get an ideal 100% cure.      

What substances might you take to combat your Erectile Dysfunction?

A study of 21 ingredients used in six of the most highly rated erection supplements being sold online in the US found that most had never been tested in any study.  The study also found that many of the reviews provided as evidence were not from genuine customers.

Only 4 substances have been proven to help people with ED, and while most ‘natural pills’ only had a very small percentage of these within their list of ingredients, which would not be enough to have any marked effect.

The four substances are

  1. Korean Red Ginseng
  2. L-Arginine (the body converts it to nitric oxide)
  3. Tribulus Terrestre
  4. Maca Root

These substances are naturally occurring, but so are many other ingredients of medicines prescribed or not, so be careful if you wish to try any of these.  I would suggest you start with very small doses and build up from there.  Watch out for a drop in blood pressure in particular and if it appears at all stop taking the thing.

We turn now to Mechanical means of getting an erection

Included under this heading are

  1. Vacuum devices.   These help by allowing greater blood flow into the penis.  However, they do not on their own ‘cure’ or even fix ED.   One respected source suggested these should be used in conjunction with other therapies or additional devices such as a tight, fitting ring at the base of the penis.   Provided care is taken in their use, Vacuum devices are pretty safe to use.   Also, they do not cause after effects as is the case of any drugs.
  2. Vibration Devices.  In certain clearly defined circumstances these may enhance the sensation of an erection.  However, you should be careful to select such a device that does not have a very high intensity nor a very high repetition rate, some vibration devices available online employ, ultrahigh, audio frequencies which can have a number of effects other than those intended.   Over use of these devices risk causing inflammation of delicate organs.

Next thing to consider is no pill, no device alternatives

Included here we will discuss

  1. Regular exercise and life style changes to enhance feelings of well being
  2. Acupuncture
  3. Hypnosis

Regular exercise mainly helps ED sufferers by helping to get a good circulation going and enabling the person to get fresh air.  It does not directly fix ED but to be moderately fit raises the prospects of better sexual performance.  Having said that, do be aware that it can be overdone for the normal everyday person you do not need to train like an athlete.  

I have included Lifestyle changes here because if for example you are overweight you do need to address that as part of your quest to fix your erectile dysfunction.   Your feelings of wellbeing, is very much a contributor to your sexual ability.  You might not always feel in top form and in those occasions, you should not try to push for sexual activity, since doing so can under these conditions may lead to failure and that can certainly have a negative effect on your libido.  

Acupuncture is something which you may not have considered as a possible treat for Erectile Dysfunction.   As many of my readers will know this is one of the main, if not the main treatment for ED extensively used in the Eastern world.     It relies upon inserting tiny needles into the body at very particular points in order to correct what is seen as an energy network, and thus correct the flow of forces to their correct functions.    Of course, it cannot be applied by oneself, but as a general rule it is not over expensive to consult a practitioner of this Chinese art.   It might be an avenue worth exploring.

Finally, I am suggesting Hypnosis.   This is the one therapy that has some record of success in treating Erectile Dysfunction.   The simple reason is that ED is very largely a psychological function.    It works be addressing the underlying causes of ED which may well include conditions such as Anxiety, Stress, Phobias etc. and is particularly concerned with most emotional aspects of your condition. In the past you would need to visit a Hypnotherapist in their clinics but recent developments and research has now made it possible to provide assistance online.   Additionally, modern hypnotherapists will enable you to hypnotise yourself on demand which is a huge advance in the science, and for your convenience allow you to continue treatment after only one session with the professional practitioner.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post, and that you derive some benefit from it, if only basic ideas.  Most of all I would be very excited to here from you with any comments or suggestions.

Thank you for reading.


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