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How Hypnosis for ED Works

1 in 5 men in the UK alone is affected by erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives.

Sexual arousal in men is extremely complicated because it involves the brain, emotions and the mind.

Most people will be aware of the different sections of the Brain. The physical BRAIN, similar to the computer’s hardware.  But the MIND can be thought of as the software which runs on the brain.

Hypnosis for ED Explained

One’s mind can be considered as having two distinct parts, The Conscious and the Subconscious.

The Conscious part of our minds is the part that most of us are very familiar with, it’s the thinking, reasoning and action part, which has only a short memory.

The Subconscious mind is the part that few of us are aware of on a daily basis, it is the part that is responsible for all those tasks like Breathing, Pulse Rate, and all such things we do not normally have to think about which seem to just happen on their own,  it is also the place where everything we see, hear or any other way perceive is remembered for ever.  

But here is the big but, it cannot actually reason, or calculate.  Moreover, it does not store these memories in the same logical way a computer memory would but has a system of its own based on associations.      

Most of the time our subconscious mind does not communicate with the conscious part unless we take some action to ask and assist it to do so.   

As an example, you will have experienced a time when you could not remember the name of something during your conversation with another person, try as hard as you can you cannot recall it there and then, but later when you are not thinking about it, not consciously looking for the name/word it suddenly pops up into your head, and like magic there it is. Your subconscious mind has been working on finding the word, name or whatever and on finding it has passed it to your consciousness. 

How does Hypnosis work for Erectile Dysfunction?

Hypnosis for ED Explained

Hypnosis, is merely a heightened relaxation state which all of us have experienced at some time in our lives.    How often have you been so engrossed in some activity that you lose track of time and ended up being late for an appointment or schedule?     Under those conditions it is described as a trance, somewhere between awake and fast asleep, day dreaming in fact!

When you are in an extremely relaxed state, your subconscious mind is susceptible to suggestions and will eventfully find and recall anything you have witnessed in the past and make that knowledge available to your conscious mind where it is dealt with.   In so doing anything stopping you from doing what you wish you could do once more, goes forever and you are restored to the fully functioning self you hoped you would always be.

So, what can be done about it?

What to do when you have erectile dysfunction

The first thing you should do is consult with your doctor, if you are on any kind of medication then ask whether this may be what is blocking you from having sex, or are there any other physical reasons for this happening?    Its worth noting that while any of the causes above might be the reason none are in themselves completely so.

You may be offered any number of remedies including, Pills, Pumps, Injections, Implants, even Surgery, well if you enjoy these go right ahead, they may work or they might not and here is why!    They only attempt to treat the symptoms and not the real cause.   Secondly, with all these treatments you have to do some conscious action such as take a pill at a precise time interval before sex or maintain and prepare a device for action.      Not to mention having to keep buying pills which are not cheap or other ongoing expenses.          

All this tends to be a bit of a turn-off for most men.

Retrieval of the memory will happen under hypnosis in seconds it just needs you to be in the right state of mind and fully relaxed for it to work.

If you are going to undertake this please understand that for the most part your recovery to be successful depends largely on your willingness to follow instructions and co-operate with the treatment provided.

WE know from our part that the process works for the great majority of sufferers.   So do make it your earnest intention to get the full benefit of our treatment which you deserve.

You must prepare yourself by relaxing and keeping in the forefront of your brain the fact that you are going to get better.

Sit or lay down whichever is the most comfortable and shut out all distractions.

Allow at least one hour where you are on your own and will not be disturbed by anything or anyone.

Play our ED Hypnosis MP3 tack.   You will only hear my voice which will guide you to the most relaxed state you have ever witnessed, you will find it so agreeable you may later wish to return having enjoyed the experienced so much, most of my patients feel this way about hypnosis.

Keep your CD or Download is a safe place so it can not be accessed by anyone else and is available for you to repeat if and when you feel it necessary, which you should not need to do too often if at all.

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