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How to cure erectile dysfunction at home

How to cure Erectile Dysfunction at home

Sub Title ‘What you can do to help yourself fix your Erectile Dysfunction’

Erectile Dysfunction affects almost every man at some time in their lives and as we are only too aware having it is one of the most distressing conditions any male can have.   But it is useful to contemplate why is it so upsetting, I would suggest that the reason lies somewhere deep down in our subconscious.   You see we humans are fundamentally animals and the urge to seek sex is programmed into our minds from a very early age.  If we cannot perform sexually on demand, we tend to think that there must be something wrong with our physical being. Of course, that is not always the correct interpretation because our minds play a far more the major factor in directing our bodies to take most, if not all our physical actions.  So, it’s the psychological side that we need to address if we are to help ourselves overcome Erectile Dysfunction.    When your suffering from ED, realizing this aspect of your condition is extremely important to successfully treating yourself at home. Put simply ‘you need to be in the right frame of mind to start overcoming your ED’. This could start from the point where you accept that you are going to get well again if you are determined to take some action.  At all costs avoid feeling that you are a victim of faith, you are definitely not and you will return to full functioning health in due course.   Then! You may ask why have I ended up with this terrible condition, what have I done wrong to have caused it?  The answer is not always the easiest to find but be of no doubt there is a reason, always.

Understand that while our minds control our bodily functions sending the correct signals to our various parts such as legs, heart, lungs etc in order to carry out particular actions, such signals are not confined to a one-way direction.   For instance, if we encounter a situation where our physical body senses some kind of brief pressure, heat or pain due to our skin being breached, like a pin prick or a small burn, then in those instances the physical body sends messages to the brain.  Because these are by and large unusual occurrences, the mind takes particular notice and will store the knowledge in the subconscious for application at a later date.

As I always stated ‘getting and maintaining an erection is a subconscious action’ meaning you don’t even have to think consciously about it for it to happen. However, that is not the same as excluding the physical altogether. Obviously, there is a physical action presence since you can see and feel your erection.   Ejectulation is likewise witnessed, so these are physical activities.

If you have encountered an injury to your penis such that the blood flow is compromised then it maybe, difficult or impossible to gain an erection.  Other reasons for insufficient blood flow to cause penis erection could include low blood pressure, heart disease and certain medications.   Misuse of drugs including alcohol are among the reasons, men encounter erectile Dysfunction.

The above discourse will suffice to demonstrate the areas in which one could usefully address ED and start to place oneself in a good position for recovery.

There are both Psychological and Physical steps you need to take, and the emotional aspects should not be dismissed either.  Let me make it clear at the outset no amount, of Herbs or other unregistered medicines have ever been proven to cure erectile dysfunction. 

Let us start with the emotive aspect.  Ask yourself ‘how is your love life’?

Do you truly LOVE your partner?    By this I do not mean LUST, for that is not Love, do you care about your partner’s feelings, do you want them to enjoy the closeness and intimacy or is it all about how you feel?    A stable and loving relationship is a primary condition for a happy sex life, so if there is any tension or disagreements between you and your partner this is a very good place to start.     Ensure that you clear up any differences between yourselves by talking openly and frankly.  When you have seen to that, make a point of having frequent hugs throughout your waking time together, tell your partner how much you love them and appreciate them being with you, and do it often.

If you have established a happy love life it will go a long way towards your next target this is the Psychological.

Are you usually a happy person?  If not why not?  Note I am not asking you to forget about your ED at the moment, just your underlying outlook on life.  When we get to look at the Physical aspects, we will address this issue further since the two things are intertwined to some extent.

Are you Anxious about anything other than your inability to get an erection and sustain it?      If so, you may need the help of a hypnotherapist since it not a thing you can usually fix on your own.    But just pledging to yourself that you will attend to this at a suitable point in the near future, will help.       While I am on the subject do bare, in mind that you can get hypnotherapy online and learn how to self-hypnotise yourself which can then be used to help with the next item on my list Relaxation.

How good are you at relaxing?  Can you put things aside and just relax completely?     I am sure you will appreciate that if you are constantly in a state of anxiety, worrying about this that and the other, unable to let go, always wound up, it will do nothing to help your sexual abilities.   If this rings a bell with you then you must start to sort out the triggers that are causing you to feel that way.   As you will gather from my words so far, the trick to dealing with any issue affecting our life just now is to break it down into its smallest components and address each of these separately and fully lay them to rest.

The physical things you can do in order to address your erectile dysfunction. First ‘Have you checked with your doctor that there are no physical factors affecting your ability to get an erection’?    If not, simply do it!  Your doctor will have seen very many cases like yours’s so there is absolutely no reason to feel embarrassed or afraid to ask him or her any questions you may have.   And you should ask lots of questions, so my advice is to make a list prior to your appointment with your doctor.   Ask 

  1. Do I have any injury that prevents my getting an erection?
  2. Do I have any disease that is causing my ED?
  3. How is my Blood pressure?
  4. Are you proscribing any medicines which would prevent me getting and maintaining an erection?
  5. What is your opinion is the state of my general health?
  6. What are my options?   (don’t be afraid to ask what are the side effects of these options)

The list could easily be much longer but as everyone is different, you must decide what you want to know.  Just realize knowledge is golden the more you know about your condition the easier it is to deal with it.

What percentage of your time do you spend indoors?   It’s a very good idea to get some physical exercise every day, try going for a walk for 30 to 60 minutes each day if at all possible.     And while you out in the fresh air don’t forget to do deep breathing exercises.   This will not only help your physical health but will make you feel better about yourself.    If you have facilities, try having a regular swim once or twice a week. (I do this myself at age 87 and counting)

My next suggestion might seem to be at odds with your goal to treat you ED but I can assure you it is vital to your recovery.

During the time you are trying to fix your problem DO NOT ATTEMP TO HAVE FULL PENETRATIVE SEX.    You should of course discuss this with your partner so that they know and agree with your action or perhaps inactions. Instead try pleasuring your partner in other ways such as Massage, Kissing, Touching, Cuddling, Hugging, everything except full blown sex.  Yes, that’s right NO SEX.

Well not just yet, but I promise it will happen later and you will be absolutely ready and able when the time comes.   You should continue this treatment for at least one week.   Do not make any promises with your partner, but if you both feel you can tolerate continuing then by all mean carry on with the NO Sex so long as it pleases you both.      At some point or other remembering that everyone is different, full sex will happen on its own. You may even be surprised by your performance.

This post reflects the methods and techniques used by Specialist Sexual Health practitioners and Hypnotherapists.   

Do not put your trust in un-tested un-proven, remedies nor do I recommend mechanical means such as vibrators and vacuum pumps.   Your penis is a delicate instrument which needs carefully looking after and maintenance, only use it for the purpose it was gifted to you for.

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