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learn to relax completely

Welcome everybody.   I am Alan Founder and chief of ALS Therapeutic Services.    WE have been established online now for two years and before that ran Hypnotherapist practices in two major UK cities for over 20 years.    The way this webcast will proceed will be that I will present the total content to you and then answer any question you may have in the time remaining to us today.  I therefore suggest you make notes.  Further if there is insufficient time to answer all questions, I will happily answer them by FB messenger or email at a later date.  This method of relaxation is different to others such as guided meditation or yoga in that once learnt you can do it anytime you want with nothing more than your own mind.

This programme is provided to you for your sole use it is not to be published, or distributed nor passed on to any other party, person entity, company or firm.   The total programme and its written and recorded elements are all the copyright of ALS Therapeutic Services.   No copying or reproduction in any form are permitted.

This programme is not suitable for people using drugs or medication of any form. People suffering from certain psychological conditions such as; Schizophrenia and related disorders such as hallucinations, delusions etc, should not use this programme under any circumstances.

The authors do not accept any responsibility for misuse of this programme and cannot accept liability for any outcome of its use.

This is a self-administered programme and all responsibility for its use is at the recipient’s risk. 

This programme is intended for use by persons suffering from Anxiety and anxiety- based conditions such Stress, and Phobias.

The object is to enable people to reach a very deep stage of relaxation of both body and mind.

The technique used is the same as we use for teaching people how to, hypnotise themselves, however it is not hypnosis and therefore of no concern for those who might have reservations on this score.   

Because this is a self-controlled and applied procedure it will require a fair amount of attention, practice and above all determination to reach what is a pleasant and desirable state of mind and body and to be able to do so on demand.   And because it is self-administered you are always in complete control.

In describing what this super-relaxed state actually is it is useful to view the various states of mind as a spectrum ranging from fully awake and in constant alertness at one extreme to completely fast asleep, at the other end of the spectrum.      In between there are several recognised states which most people will be aware of.  For instance, one may have experienced a state when you were so absorbed in witnessing a particular event or activity that you forgot all awareness of time, or that you should have been somewhere else at that particular moment.   This state is referred to as a Trance, and is very close to the point where you would fall asleep.   People who have been able to consciously reach this state will be able to relate that it is a most desirable and comfortable position to be in and most will wish to return there as aften as possible. So that is where we are going and now for how we are get there.


First off is the most important act of preparation.     To be successful you cannot afford to skip this part which needs real attention and thoroughness before you even start.   The preparation comprises of several elements, timing, physical conditions, space, calmness and much more.

 First thing is to settle the time and date you wish to go into this relaxed state.   You should aim to have undisturbed duration of between half and one hour.  Allow one hour for your first attempt, you can vary the duration to whatever you like once you become experienced and can achieve the desired state at will.

Then you need to choose your location, which needs to be a place where you are alone and cannot be disturbed.  This place needs to be at a comfortable temperature and with preferably lowered light levels.    A blue low level electrical light is recommended.  Distraction from external noise is another important parameter to consider and reduced as far as possible.  

The furniture should be either a comfortable chair or a bed but above all you choose whichever you will feel most comfortable in.    Although not essential a lot of people like to listen to music in the background and if this is your preference then a CD player may be required.    There are specially composed and recorded relaxation music available if you would care to try that.

Well, that’s the physical arrangement made so, next is the animals.   If you live alone that’s fine but you may have a pet perhaps a Cat or Dog.   You need to ensure that they will not need attention during your proposed session.  So, attend to their needs and leave them happy to rest while you are

in your special place.      If you have other members of your household living with you, they too need to be content for you to have a completely uninterrupted time of your chosen duration.   Make sure they do not need anything of you for the allotted time and that they will respect your request for peace and quiet.

Now you have made these preparations it is time to get yourself ready.

First, remember that to achieve a deep relaxation is something that anyone can do in fact most children have experienced it at very young age, many of us adults have also been there from time to time.     It means that you should have no doubt that you are going to be able to do this.  Best of all it takes no thinking about, do not try to reason just follow the instructions we are giving here and it will work.   If at first you don’t succeed try, try, again.     We admit it does take practice for most people even though a few will be able to do, it first time.   This is completely natural given that we are all different and unique creatures of nature.

Be sure that you are not wearing anything tight fitting, so loosen whatever you would as if you were preparing for bed.    Kick off your shoes.  Visit, the toilet, do all you can to avoid the possibility of disruption during your relaxation session.

Here is an overview of the procedure; We start with Breathing exercises and follow on with relaxation of the mind, then we move to relaxing the body before reaching that beautiful state where we are floating through time and space in the knowledge that we can exit the session at any point we so wish. 

Before we start please note that if you find any of the sections difficult or non-productive   the most likely reason is it needs to be made longer to suit you.  How many times you do the Breathing exercise depends on each person’s personality and patience.   So be prepared to experiment some if your feel it necessary.

Getting into the correct position.

Sit or lay down whichever is the most comfortable for you,

Legs slightly apart, about 12 inches.

Hands resting lightly on your lap.  Fingers slightly apart.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTHING CROSSED, not even your fingers.

Ask yourself ‘Am I really comfortable’?    Some people like to wriggle and make a slight hollow in which to rest.    When you are completely satisfied and settled, we can begin.

If you want to include optional background music, now is a good time to start the player but make sure it is set to a very low audio level, you should only just be able to hear it.   You will need about half an hour of playing time.   Once set you do not need to attend it any further during your session.

I’d like for you to take some long, slow deep breaths and fill your lungs with air – then hold that breath for the mental count of 3, and as you slowly exhale all the air from your mouth – just think in your mind the words deeply, deeply, deeply relaxed.

So, let us begin. Breathe in – hold for 3 – and breathe out.

Breathe in- hold for 3, and breathe out, breathe in-hold for three – and breathe out.

And when you breathe in, imagine that you’re breathing in calmness and relaxation – and when you breathe out just breathe away any tensions or anxieties or any worries that you may have. And feel the physical body beginning to relax.

Continue by relaxing the eyes – those tiny muscles around the eyes, let them relax, let go – if they’re not already closed you might like to gently close them now, noticing that comfortable feeling around the lids – perhaps even a slight fluttering there-as it takes no effort at all to allow them to close – and know that for the next thirty minutes or so, there is absolutely nothing for you to do but relax.

And it’s a wonderful feeling to know that there’s nothing of any importance for you to do.

Nobody wants anything, nobody needs anything – there’s no place to go right now, nothing to do but relax, and let go. Relax, and let go. And enjoy the wonderful feeling that is growing and developing within you now. Relax, let go, let go.

But for now, just be aware of the position of your body resting here. Notice the feel of any clothing or anything else touching your body.

Be aware of the time of day. Morning or afternoon, evening or night time; the time of the year; the temperature of the air on the skin of your hands and any other uncovered areas of your body. Be aware of the surface beneath you and just let yourself think how your awareness doesn’t end there but goes all the way down, deep down, into the very Centre of the earth.

And relax. Allow your mind and take you deeper and deeper, down and down into a wonderful place, deep within you. A very special place, where those important changes to your life are getting ready now to take place.

Now, in a moment, I want you to count slowly backwards in your mind. What I’d like you to do is to count backwards from 100, and after each number to think in your mind, the words, deeply, deeply, deeply relaxed. And as you think those words in your mind, you find that you become, deeply, deeply, deeply relaxed.

So just count slowly backwards in your mind, and any time you lose count or lose track, just start again at 100. Any time you lose count, just start again at 100.

So, don’t forget, any time you lose count, or lose track, just start again at 100.

But just for now, keep your mind focused on those numbers, counting slowly backwards from 100. Deeply, deeply, deeply relaxed, 99, deeply, deeply, deeply relaxed – and remember, any time you lose count or lose track, to just start again at 100.

I want you to take your awareness once more, down to your feet and imagine if you will, a sensation of warmth and heaviness flowing in through the toes, into the feet, Feel, that warm, comfortable, heavy feeling flowing in through the toes and into the feet.

Now let that feeling spread over the heels and into the ankles, then all the way up into the lower legs. Over the knees and into the upper legs, until both the left and the right leg become deeply, deeply, deeply relaxed.

And let that relaxing feeling flow up now into the hips and the thighs, into the pelvic area, relaxing the pelvis and all the pelvic muscles. Now feel the relaxing feeling flowing into the stomach, relaxing the tummy and all the muscles there.

Relax the chest and the shoulders – especially the shoulders, just let them feel limp and loose and comfortable. Limp and loose and comfortable.

Now take that relaxing feeling over the shoulders and into the back and relax the two big muscles there, one on each side of the spine. Then move the relaxation back to the shoulders and let it flow all the way down the arms, into the wrists the hands the fingers and thumbs.

Notice the warmth there in the palms of the hands. There may also be a tingling sensation there, a tingling sensation there in the palms of the hands.

Let that relaxation spread up into the face and let all the facial muscles relax, the tiny muscles around the mouth, the nose and the eyes. Let the forehead feel smooth and soft and the cheeks feel flat and smooth. And relax.

I want you to imagine yourself now, standing at the top of a long flight of steps.

These steps lead down into a room, a very special room. In a moment you can walk down these steps, and as you do so I will count the steps one by one and as you walk down the steps, I wonder if you can just feel yourself going deeper and deeper down.

So, when you are ready – begin walking down as I count the steps.

10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. You’re now standing at the bottom of the steps and feeling very comfortable and very relaxed.

Find yourself now in a beautiful room. The room is softly lit with twenty fragrant candles and there is a distant sound of lovely music.

Apart from the candlelight, the room is quite dark, although you can notice some beautiful colors shades of green and purple, blue and violet, here and there. You feel safe here, safe and protected and comfortable.

How long you wish to remain here is completely your choice, we suggest 15 minutes but it is up to you.    Enjoy this wonderful feeling of calmness and tranquility, a place you will be able to visit in the future whenever you so desire.

 When you are ready to return to your normal everyday life just say to yourself ‘I am going to count up to five and when I reach five, I will be wide awake completely refreshed and ready to deal with life’s difficulties without Stress or Anxiety.


 2 stir  

3trying to open my eyes

 4 nearly there

 5 Smile ‘I did enjoy that, and now feel great’.

This document is the copyright of ALS Therapeutic Services © 2021