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Getting an erection and maintaining it is a subconscious act, you should not even have to think about it.

What the MP3 Contains

The recording contains all the elements of a one on one, physical, clinical hypnotic treatment by a very experienced practitioner. All of the benefits at a fraction of the cost of a live session. The recording is approximately 23 minutes long. The elements within include, professionally recorded voice, background music and subliminal messages.

The basic technique throughout is one of self-hypnosis, meaning that the patient is required to carry out the necessary actions themselves and that they are always in control. It is not in any sense messing with your mind, in fact quite the opposite, it just resets one’s priorities.

The details

  • Instructions to the patient regarding getting prepared for the session
  • Start of Background music
  • Phase 1 introduction
  • Phase 2 Relaxation exercises leading to complete detachment of the physical body, achieved by a procedure known as progressive induction.   This part of the session is usually the longest duration.
  • Phase 3 Progressive relaxation of the mind
  • Phase 4 Deepening to Trance, a state described as somewhere between being awake and fully asleep.
  • Phase 5 start of communication with the subconscious.
  • Phase 6 Start of the introduction of suggestions.  
  • Phase 7 patient reinforcement of the suggestions
  • Phase 8 fade out of background music and sub audible tracks.
  • Final Phase return to the now.

The recording has been designed to incorporate the best practices of very many hours of clinical experience.

Patients are advised to continue their treatment for at least a few days, by repeating the exercises given on the recording.     These are all mental exercises and are best done just before sleep as is also the case for listening to the track at any time.