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No! I don’t think you are mad

The psychological basis of Erection Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation.

Whenever, I have the opportunity I am very interested to hear from people who seem to be reluctant to consider a psychological basis for their condition.  Some have even gone so far as to leave a comments on my website such as “I am definitely not mad, thank you”  As a result I am going to explain in this post, the basis of these conditions and how my treatments are configured to quickly reverse the negative processes affecting sufferers performance.

Unless you have studied psychology for some years you can be forgiven for your lack of understanding the very complex nature of all physical activity.  So, I will try here to explain the connection between mind and body in terms which you should be familiar.   To help in this endeavour let us first consider the concept of one’s mind as having at least two levels.  For convenience we will label these as the ‘Conscious’ and ‘Subconscious’ parts of minds.  Each of these can be identified by the functions and abilities they are clearly designed to conduct.

Let us consider the ‘Conscious’ part of our minds, you should notice that here I use the term ‘mind’ rather than ‘brain’.    For the purpose of clarification, the ‘Brain’ is the physical ‘grey matter’ inside our heads which might be convenient to think of as the Hardware or Computer upon which the ‘mind’ is where the software is located and operates.   The term ‘grey matter’ is somewhat misleading because on closer inspection it is probably the most complex thing known to man.  It consists of Billions of individual components capable of processing immense quantities of information and interpreting inputs from all of the five different senses.  Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch and Smell.   Just how extensive the brain is can be judged by the fact that to date no manmade computer is capable of mimicking its raw processing power. And it doesn’t end there, it is constantly growing extra memory capacity enabling the remembering of everything we sense from those five sensors and stores them for the rest of our lives.   One of the amazing things about our mines is that they function in a dynamic, live way, constantly working, never stopping 24 -7, 365 days a year for our lifetime.  Our brains are therefore very delicate machines and this is the reasons they have been housed in a hard, protective enclosure, the scull.

Whether you might reject the thought or not the fact is that ‘all human actions start in the mind’   Without our minds we just would not function.   If we did not have a functioning mind but only a brain, we would be dead.

The conscious mind enables us to conduct actions, calculate, reason, co-ordinate and everything one can imagine us wanting, as opposed to needing to do.  It is the part of our thinking that we can actively engage to action such things as Walk, Run, Jump, Punch, Lift and much more.   However, the conscious mind does have some limitations, for instance its memory is somewhat restricted, most people cannot process more the a few things at any point in time.  Memory is one of the specializations of the subconscious so we will move to that subject shortly.

Before we move on to other considerations however, you should be certain that the division of the mind and its conscious self really exists.   To demonstrate that to your satisfaction you will need to carry out some actual live tests.    There are numerous possibilities so you must choose what is acceptable and convenient to you personally.    Some suggestions include: Requesting yourself to do some physical activity such as Sit Down, Stand Up, Walk a number of paces etc.  or preparing your response to someone addressing you etc.  It clearly becomes obvious you need to think in order to take an action. Conversely you could try thinking about actions over which you do not have conscious control.  These could include altering your core body temperature, increase or reduce your sense of smell or taste.

WE are now going to consider the subconscious which is arguably the most amazing function of the mind.  As already stated, it has a fantastic memory and one that grows larger with time.  It receives and converts incoming signals turning them into digital style bits, organizes where each input is to be stored and how it is catalogued.

Compared with the conscious the subconscious is by far the larger program which grows as it meets demand.    When we sleep, we lose the use of our conscious but our subconscious continues to function without interruption, among many other considerations it is why we often dream while sleeping and can even learn new things when in slumber.

Some of the functions the subconscious is responsible for are

  • Our long term, memory, having massive and expanding capacity
  • Controlling our bodily activities, which include regulating core temperature, hormone release, Heart rate, Breathing and a huge number of other things we as humans never have to consciously think about.
  • Responding to a multiple of inputs from each of the five senses simultaneously and initiating the actions to enable our bodies to conduct such tasks as are required at any given time.
  • Programmed into our subconscious is what makes each individual of every species of animal, of which we are after only one, the unique personalities we all are. Every one of us have our own set of characterises.

As Darwin demonstrated these variations between individuals of a species is what has made them able to survive and prosper.    It is what has over millions of years enabled new species to emerge and for us as humans to progress from primitive ape like creatures to where we are now.  Highly complex individuals capable of reasoning, imagining, considering abstract matters, visualising and much more.

The concept of a subconscious mind is one of the deepest levels of our being, it operates largely unseen and un-noticed.   However, it is the real essence of who we are.

Some have said the brain is the biggest sexual organ in the body. When it comes to ED, that might be true. The brain – not Victoria’s Secret commercials – causes an erection. The initial stirrings of an erection begin when your brain sends signals to your body, through a vast network of cables called the central nervous system, to fill the penis with blood. When everything is working, your brain’s wish is your body’s command, and it pumps blood down south. The end result, You, get an erection.

For the purpose of illustration, I am going to describe what takes place before a man can get an erection, because as you will see it is very complex indeed and almost totally undertaken by the subconscious mind.

First thing to happen is the receipt of certain signals to trigger the mind into action.     These signals comprise of very low, level electrical impulses sent via the nervous system to the particular part of the subconscious and will be given by one or more of the five senses.   Very often all five senses are involved initiated from the object of the man’s desire.   These signals are un-detectable to the person involved but can be seen using specialist equipment.   When these signals are received, they are decoded and interpreted setting in motion a change of events.  One of the major pathways to action are the hormones and the nervous systems produce by the system of secreting glands throughout the physical body.   What actually happens is something of a chain reaction starting with the highest, level glands such as the

  • hypothalamus.
  • pituitary.
  • thyroid.
  • parathyroid.
  • adrenals.
  • pineal body.
  • the ovaries.
  • the testes.

All these and more are involved until finally the signals arrive at the penis.

“Everything must happen in the designated sequence in order for it to occur just right. Now, we aren’t talking about launching a rocket, which must also follow a designated sequence, but we are talking about sex. Didn’t know sex required a specific sequence of events? Well it does. This is especially true for men.

The sequence of events in men is orchestrated by the central nervous system, which is the brain and spinal cord. I guess you can say that makes sense, since your brain tells every other part of your body what to do. Why wouldn’t your brain tell your sex organs what to do as well? By sex organ, we are referring to the penis. Now that we know what the brain is controlling, let’s talk about this sequence that it controls. “

(credit to

An example of the nervous system in action pre male erection.

Credit ‘’

Now that you are aware of the complicated systems involved, is it any wonder that things can go wrong occasionally?  Of course, it is not often that the sequence fails to completely, more frequently it is only a small blip and soon passes.   But if a man is suffering from Erectile Dysfunction most of the time then it is either due to a physical malfunction or it is within their subconscious.

The physical reasons include, blood pressure, insufficient blood in the penis or inability to retain it there long enough to have sex.   Medicines can and do often cause ED, but it is beyond the scope of this article to pursue a discussion here and as we always caution if you are having erection difficulties then your first port of call should be you doctor or physician.   Once he tells you ‘you are fine’ then the cause of your ED will only be in your subconscious.  Therefore, it follows it is the most appropriate thing to do and to seek some psychological remedy. Hence the title of this document ‘NO I DON’T THINK YOU ARE MAD’

The psychological reasons for erectile dysfunction are as many as there are physical causes.   The different of course between these two are that the physical symptoms are to a greater extent observable whereas with the reasons of the mind there are no outwardly obvious signs.   That fact, makes is all the more, harder for both the sufferer and their nearest and dearest to identify let alone acknowledge the root of what is causing severe disruption to their lives.

If you are experiencing any form of sexual dysfunction, `ED or Premature Ejaculation for instance, you absolutely should discuss it with your partner if at all possible.  We men do not like to think that by exposing out feelings we are somehow making ourselves seem less masculine, nothing could be further from the reality.   Although it may seem a hard thing to do you must discuss it with someone you can trust, if not for your partners benefit but primarily for your own peace of mind.     In today’s world it is possible to discuss such private sensitive matters with a suitable qualified practitioner, through the media of the internet and other electronic means, while remaining completely anonymous.   Most hypnotherapists will provide you with a free initial consultation, without obligation, meaning that even if you either don’t wish to or for financial reasons cannot seek further help you will have learned a lot of useful information relevant to your condition.  From my own experience this is quite often the case and such clients do not need to go further.

If you condition is deep rooted and perhaps been with you for an extended, period, you may need the services of a therapist.   While you are in an extremely relaxed state it is possible to direct suggestions to your subconscious and thus irradiate the causes of your aliment without the use of drugs, devices or anything else.  The advantage of this approach is additionally, the outcome can last a lifetime, there are no side effects, and not having to constantly keep dosing each time sex is expected.  Furthermore, because most modern hypnotherapists use a form of self-hypnosis it is not even necessary to receive their services beyond a single hypnotic session.   The patient can continue their treatment or resume on their own at any time in the future.

I hope you have found this post informative and if you have any questions you would like to ask me, I am as always happy to help, without obligation.


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