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Online Treatment for Erectile dysfunction without medication

Online Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction without medication

Online treatment of Erectile Dysfunction with self-hypnosis

Online Hypnotic treatment for erectile dysfunction

Online Clinical Cases

The names and locations of the following case have been changed so as to exclude any possibility of anyone recognising them and to preserve the privacy and anomality of the actual people concerned.   In my records of clinical sessions, I do not actually keep the patients detailed identification with them so it is impossible to assign these notes with anyone in particular.  After the patient has completed their treatment and left my clinic, I destroy their personal details so there is no possibility of a data leak.  The notes contain their condition on first attending, the treatment record and an assessment of the outcomes and patient’s satisfaction.   My only use of these patient’s notes is to provide myself with a means of improving my professional competence over time.

1.) This client we will call him Harry, is located just about a far from myself as it is possible to be, he lives on the other side of the world to me in Australia.  Harry requested a free consultation so we started by sending him my ‘Initial Client Pact’ which includes of the following documents.

  1. An introduction of the person who will be treating you
  2. A questionnaire about your problem and your availability for treatment
  3. A FAQs type document addressing the most frequently asked questions about hypnosis
  4. The code of ethics to which I adhere, it also sets out some important rights assigned to clients

These documents are always sent to clients as a first introduction and opportunity for me to get some idea of the client’s needs.  Note I make extensive use of email.

Within a few days I received Harry’s filled in questionnaire and started to assess what route I would suggest taking in order to resolve his problem. 

 Firstly, what his responses revealed was the Harry had been suffering for quiet some time.  As he said himself, he had forgotten many previous occasions when things did not go as usual.    He does not appear to have any physical impairments since there are times when an erection might just arise, for instance during sleep or early in the morning, but on those instances the effect only lasted a very short time.  He was adamant that his relationship with his partner was perfectly normal.    However, as we shall see later Harry’s idea of ‘normal’ was somewhat coloured.  

The plan evolved for Harry’s treatment was to get to the root cause of his current state of mind in so much as it relates to erectile function.     Looking for occasions when in his past when things did not go as expected.     To establish this, I decided that hypnotherapy using a regression technique would be the most likely to yield results and address his problems.

More emails

We agreed date and times for the purpose of setting up Online Hypnotic sessions and the use of Skype for a Audio and Visual communication.  I advised Harry that the first session would probably last at least 45 minutes and got conformation from him that would be acceptable.

Prior to the scheduled therapy session, I answered all questions Harry had raised about hypnosis.  He was concerned that he might lose control and I was able to reassure him that since we would be using self-hypnosis, he would be the one in control at all times.  I explained that I always make a point of teaching my clients how to hypnotise themselves as it enables them to continue treatment on their own between sessions and after they have completed their course.

As is the case with many of my patients, we spent the best part of Harry’s first hypnotherapy session learning relaxation techniques.   This is essential in order to be able to enter a state of mind where access to one’s subconscious is possible.   I have found that in general women are much better at this than men, why this should be has not been entirely established by the scientific community.  It may be something that is pre-programmed in males from the times of the hunter gatherer of the caveman.  Everybody can achieve a good depth of relaxation given their willingness to do so, a little practice and time.

More emails another session set up

Once the patient is fully physically relaxed it is fairly easy for them to enter what is referred to as a ‘trance’.      A Trance is something we all experience from time to time, and mostly don’t take notice of, it can be described as a state of mind where we are so absorbed in some other activity that we become unaware of time and other things happening around us.    It is also on a spectrum, a range, between fully awake and asleep.    Under hypnosis you are not asleep, you might sense sounds and temperatures variations, pressures on your body etc while being un-deterred about them.   In short, a Trance is such an enjoyable experience that many people are reluctant to leave and look forward to re-visiting there again as soon as they can.

In Trance, it is suggested to Harry to travel back in time to when he first experienced an erection failure.    To inspect this occasion as if he were an onlooker, observing himself, remembering how he felt and what emotions and sensations he encountered.   What was the reaction of his partner at that time, did they complain or show disappointment of his inability to complete the actions they both desired?

Under hypnosis, Harry was prompted to repeat this inspection journey at every time going forward to the present, so that nothing has been missed that could have possibly contributed to his erectile dysfunction. 

A suggestion to Harry that on returning to his normal state, he would be able to always get and maintain a hard erection whenever he was having sex.   (this is called a post hypnotic suggestion)

What is happening here, although invisible, is that internally Harry has reset his subconscious to its natural position. Because one of the functions of the subconscious is to make us act exactly as we have been programmed to do.   This has come about because he has addressed the real issues which has caused the problem in the first place.     

Both Harry’s sessions were audio recorded and a copy given to him so that he can repeat whenever he felt it necessary.   As it turned out he did not need to do that for the purposes of his now cured ED, but he did find the relaxation exercises very useful for overcoming several stressful situations he encountered over the following years.

Before I closed this case, I contacted Harry for the last time some two weeks after his last session.

He was highly delighted with the results which had seen him having full on enjoyable sexual activity with his partner for the first time in many years.

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