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More information on Proven Hypnosis for Erectile Disfunction

100% Natural, Solve your problem without the need for pills


Why Hypnosis works for Erectile Dysfunction

So, No Pills, No surgery, No Implants, no Pumps,No Injections, No missed opportunities, and NO MORE FAILURES.

What causes the Problem

There are very many causes why someone might lose the ability to get and maintain an erection suitable for penetrative sex. The most frequent reason is instigated by an occurrence somewhere in the past and long since forgotten. Or there might be a number of apparently benign happenings which together cause one to lose the ability. Rest assured you are not the only person suffering from ED, in fact nearly every adult male suffers from it at some time in their life and to a lesser or greater degree. If on only one occasion for whatever reason, like having too much to drink or having the common cold, you failed to get an erection then that is most lightly to affect your performance the next time you try. And so, one gets into a continuous downward circle ending with being unable to do so in all future times. But as you will see it is not permanent and can be reversed through hypnosis.

How Hypnosis works for ED

Hypnosis works by removing the anxiety caused by failure on previous occasions, the treatment for anxiety is to reset the subconscious mind and its connections with the physical body. To do this we need you to be in a highly relaxed state sometimes called a trance. Since the method we use is self-hypnosis you are always in control. There is no question of us being able to mess with your mind, in hypnosis you obtain a state somewhere on a spectrum between awake and asleep. Our part is to help you get there and this we do using a proven science based structured method. Almost all of my patients over the last twenty-five years have told me how much they enjoyed the experience of being hypnotised and many expressed a wish to return there again as often as they could.

Case Study 1

Let me introduce you to Ben (it’s not his real name for obvious reasons)

Ben was one of my patients who was referred to me by his GP, He was 28 years old and a keen member and player of his local Rugby Club. So here we have a fit young man who unfortunately obtained an injury while playing his favourite sport. This was really only a minor injury and was soon treated and healed. He told me he was too embarrassed to ask the doctor why he was finding it impossible to raise an erection and have sex with his partner, and just tried to put it to the back of his mind. But as you can imagine talk between the other players in his club left him so isolated from these conversations. Not only that his marriage was on the rocks too, so that he finally after almost a year of suffering decided to seek my help.

I sat him down and we discussed the reasons he had visited, I explained what self-hypnosis was and how we together could address his problem. The impression I got of this young man was that while he was keen to try the treatment, I outlined to him, he did seem to be one of those people who was permanently on a high, he quite obviously was finding it hard to relax.

I suggested that before we would attempt to address his Erectile Dysfunction, he should learn the art of relaxation and this is what we did in the first session. This is not hypnosis but does involve relaxing the body and the mind.

On his next visit, a week later, he was in a much better frame of mind to undergo further relaxation and I was successful in getting him into a deep trance where suggestions could be made to start the process. The suggestions included listening to the recording of my sessions. I gave him a copy of the Self-hypnosis track with instructions to listen to it just before retiring for the night and to do so for several nights the following week. He returned to my clinic the next Monday evening and confirmed that he had done what was advised, however he said he was disappointed as it did not seem that it had worked. He could not be sure whether he had reached a hypnotic state.

I asked him if he had thought about sex during that time or even about the treatment as such? He said he did indeed, it was always on his mind, was his treatment not working?
I gave him the advice that what was needed now was for him to forget about the subject completely. What! He said in astonishment. I explained that this was a good sign and that the treatment was indeed working and the only thing preventing the completion of the cure was that his conscious part of his mind was blocking the signals for the connections necessary to be make operable.

I advised him to now put the recording away, forget about it and relax as I had taught him. I did not hear from him again and after two weeks I called him on his mobile phone. He told me that he had done what I suggested and that everything was back in full working order. My final advise was to use the recording if at any time in the future the same condition should occur.

This is fairly typical of the journey the majority of my ED patients take on the road to recovery.

Case Study 2

Meet James (not his real name for obvious reasons)

James lives in the USA and is one of my recent clients.  He is 55 years old, married with 3 grown up children. His wife is younger than him and apparently, they do not have any major issues between. He contacted me via this website some two months ago.   He explained that he had always thought of himself as being a fitness addict and attended his local gym on a weekly basis. He has been employed for the best part of 30 years by a local engineering company.  His current position is marketeer and is constantly under pressure to find new customers. He explained that he thought he might have a problem, because his sex life had taken a back seat over the last couple of years.

In fact, he and his wife had not enjoyed the closeness that comes from sexual contact for quite some time now. He thought that his wife might be trying to give him signals that she was interested, but because he loves his wife very much and have achieved so much together.    This was causing him to question his manhood.

We conducted a conversation by email over the following few days.

What had he done about it apart from contacting me?

Had he tried taking any ED medication?

Had he spoken to his physician by any chance?

No, came his reply, because he found it too embarrassing and anyway, he didn’t have any medical conditions which required a visit to the doctor.  Would self-hypnosis work as a treatment for his condition?

I was able to reassure him that there was no reason to believe otherwise and explained where he could look on the website for further information.

A day or two later he ordered access to my MP3.   I sent a further email advising that the best time to listen to it was just before retiring for the night, and to be sure to use it for a few times at least.

All working man, and felt 20 years younger for it, adding that both he and his wife are now going around with smiles on their faces.

I sent a final email conveying my pleasure and congratulations, adding a wish he will keep in touch and let me know how things are going from time to time.

We respect your privacy and assure you that your identity and any information you give us will at all time be carefully guarded and not disclosed to any other person, firm or company.