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Manage and Control your Weight




Manage and Control your Weight
• Initial consultation
• 30-minute, Hypnotherapy Session (delivered online)
• Your specially recorded self- hypnosis Audio track
During your initial consultation we assess your individual problem and condition and suggest direction of follow on treatment.
During hypnosis you are taught how to relax and hypnotise yourself. Your problem is explored and subconscious suggestions made, your reasons for gaining weight and how you may correct it are addressed. There is a very good record of success with this treatment in achieving complete mastery over our client’s problems.
Access to a specially recorded audio track is provided free of charge so that clients can continue their treatment even after they have received their hypnotic sessions.
WE are as always available to answer any questions you may have, before during and post treatment.
Should you wish follow up therapy, sessions are available at much reduced rates.
The benefit of online treatment saves the time, cost and inconvenience of attending a Hypnotherapist’s Clinic in person and is just as effective.
Order with confidence, immediate attention, full money back guarantee.


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