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Blow Away Stress Player




• Initial consultation
• 30-minute, Hypnosis (delivered online)
• Free access to your specially recorded self- hypnosis Audio track
During your initial consultation we assess your individual problem and condition and suggest direction of follow on treatment.
During hypnosis you are taught how to relax and hypnotise yourself. Your problem is explored and subconscious suggestions made with a view to correcting your tendency to Stress more than you would like. There is a very good record of success with this treatment in achieving complete mastery over client’s problems.
Access to a specially recorded audio track is provided free of charge for a period of 3 months so that clients can continue their treatment even after they have received their hypnotic sessions.

We are currently using an online method of Audio content delivery for all our hypnotic tracks. This has been specially chosen because its closer matches to our client’s needs and use of mobile (cell) phone us. It is quicker to access and requires no data storage on the part of the customer.
Order with confidence, immediate attention, full money back guarantee.


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