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Psychological Erectile Dysfunction

Discussion on Psychological Erectile Dysfunction.

In earlier posts I have dealt with the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction using psychological methods and the various pro and cons of those of Chemical and Mechanical means.  This post addresses the psychological aspects of the condition which my readers will know is the most destressing of conditions a man of any age can suffer. 

 I would like to start this discussion with a quotation from and very highly qualified and respected expert   S. Adam Ramin, MD, urologic surgeon and medical director of Urology Cancer Specialists in Los Angeles.

“If a man is able to obtain and sustain an erection in certain circumstances, like self-stimulation, but not others, such as with a partner, those situations are often psychological in origin.  And even in cases where the cause is purely physiological, such as a vascular problem affecting blood flow, there is also a psychological element,”

Doctor Ramin’s opinion is entirely in line with the results of my own research, which I have previously mentioned in several posts and currently and extensively within the text of my website.    This suggests your mind could play an important role in overcoming ED, regardless of its source. In fact, many people with ED report positive results using hypnosis to help get and maintain an erection.

But just in case you might have doubts about the opinions of Dr Ramin. There are literally hundreds of other very well respected and learned people who have published papers on the psychological connections not only with Erectile Dysfunction but in relation to many other aliments and conditions encountered in everyday medicine. 

Relationship between loneliness, psychiatric disorders and physical health? A review on the psychological aspectsof loneliness

R Mushtaq, S Shoib, T Shah… – Journal of clinical

 Psychological aspectsof diabetes care: Effecting behavioral change in patients

BH ChewS Shariff-Ghazali… – World journal 

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The above are but a few examples which will no doubt enable you, dear reader, to appreciate the true importance of psychological dimensions to every known Physical aliment and condition.    It follows therefore that Erectile Dysfunction is no different even if one views the condition as a Physical one.    What many people know from experience and those in the medical profession agree, is that if the patient believes the treatment will cure their condition, much better outcomes are achieved

 than when reliance is solely upon the medication being prescribed.

Moving on, the next aspect I would like you to appreciate is that of the relative weighting of Physical v Psychological effects which differ considerably between one condition and another.     For example, lets us consider the case of a physical injury, a badly worn hip joint. As you will know this usually means a hip replacement surgery using an artificial joint, its quite a major operation and is more often than not, a condition most frequent in older age groups.   Let us contrast that with a condition which is much more Psychological in nature, like Erectile Dysfunction, there are of course many other similar aliments but I use this here for convenience.    

In the first case, a hip replacement, it is clearly more physical than psychological but there are a number of issues faced by the patient where their attitude to their treatment is very important.   There is clearly a lot of healing to take place post operation and the extent and speed that this process takes depends on the patient’s frame of mind as much as the body’s natural mending and any proscribed medications.    On a more human level its easy to see that the more determined the patient is to get well again the greater progress they will make in any given period of time.

In the second case, our Erectile Dysfunction patient.   Here we could be facing some physical conditions such as Heart disease, or blood flow, although from my own experience some of these factors were largely due to the medication rather than the disease themselves.   ED is much more a Psychological condition than a Physical one.   Often its something quite simple like consciously thinking about it too much.  I believe therefore that there is always some element of psychological factors about every human condition including our physical well being and our ills.

We have seen that the psychological elements of every condition may vary in proportions and from patient to patient.    As I have on many occasions said, ‘Erectile Dysfunction is a subconscious action’ and is therefore the reason I advocate a psychological approach as being appropriate. 

My research over some years has produced results that suggest over 60% of people taking Pills in particular for their ED, do not really need to do so.  I have reported this elsewhere and will update here on the final results in a few months time.   The reason I mention it is because it obviously leads to many questions such as.

  1. ‘just how much is psychological about ED?’  
  2. ‘to what degree does our mind affect this physical action?
  3. ‘Could a patient with a contra physical condition achieve and maintain an erection?
  4. What if the patient is suffering from a wholly psychological problem such as ‘Anxiety’ could they achieve and maintain an erection?
  5. Could an otherwise healthy patient overcome ED with medication alone?
  6. Can an otherwise healthy patient get and maintain an erection suitable for penetrative sex by simply thinking consciously about it?

What causes a man to get an erection?  Well fortunately, much research has been done on this particular question.    ‘When conditions are right, and the subconscious mind receives the trigger signals in the form of one or more of the five human senses, Sight, Hearing, Smell, Touch, Taste. An erection occurs’. Thus, my assertion ‘You don’t even have to consciously think about it’

To summarize; The cause of Erectile Dysfunction by Psychological Factors far outweighs any Physical cause be a very large factor.   Even patients who do have some physical problems such as reduced blood flow through the penis and are prescribed medication still need to address the underlying psychological problems in order to fix their problem.

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