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Self-Hypnosis, the real Natural alternative treatment for many aliments.

Self-Hypnosis, the real Natural alternative treatment for many aliments.

This post is by way of an introduction to my services and gives an overview of what is possible by the use of Self-Hypnosis.

Hi my name is Alan, I have been practicing hypnotherapy for over 25 years, and are a member of several associations including

Alan L Smith DHP Acc Hyp

Provide help to people suffering from a wide range of aliments such as Anxiety, Stress, ED, PE, PTSD, Phobias, Stopping Smoking and many others.   I have developed a system for a number of the most common conditions which fixes around 90% of all client’s issues, and enables provision at a very low cost.   I can and do quite often design treatment programs for individual’s particular requirements. The main technique I use is Self-Hypnosis this allows the client to be in control and at the same continue their treatment for as long as they desire while outside of formal therapy sessions.

After treating thousands of patients over many years the average success rate is around 92%.  Within that statistic there are higher successful outcomes for patients undertaking bespoke programs.

For the majority of issues clients have I can provide a short program built up in the following manner, 1) A One-on-One session and teach in, lasting around 30 minutes. This structured event includes a demonstrated method of Self-Hypnosis.  2) The patient is given access to a recorded version of the session and instructions on how to use it to fix their problem.   3) Full after service back up is available to answer any questions or give assistance.    Finally, a full money back guarantee is granted providing a 100% client confidence.

How Hypnosis works!

To understand how Hypnosis works one just has to be aware that every function of our bodies is controlled by our brains.     Our minds can be viewed as having two distinct parts, one being our conscious and the other subconscious.    The first part is what we are able to perceive as we go about our daily life, and the second part is hidden from view normally.   However, the subconscious mind is responsible for many more things than the conscious, looking after every essential function that we humans are unaware of in our waking hours.   The subconscious mind remembers everything that we see, hear, feel or in any other way perceive for every day of our lives.  In many ways the subconscious mind is the very essence of who and what we are.  So, it follows that is often where our issues are centred, and Hypnosis is way of interacting with the subconscious and can fix them.

For one person any of the issues mentioned at the beginning of this post may not be too great a problem, but in many other instances the effects of Anxiety, Stress, Ed etc does pose a significant barrier to a full and enjoyable life.      For example, a man with Erectile Dysfunction will suffer terribly and not only him but probably his partner as well, and frustration of this magnitude will also promote other psychological issues and manifest its presence with uncontrolled out bursts of rage and even violence.   How do I know all this?

Many years ago, I personally suffered from ED, it came at a time when my marriage was in its early stages, I didn’t understand why it was happening to me.  This was in the days before these things were not even talked about and very few remedies available (no internet then).   I tried everything I could find that might be able fix my problem.   Then the first Viagra type pills arrived, tried them, didn’t work either.    Then I read something which started me thinking, I heard that there had been some very interesting trials conducted in the US and UK that seemed to suggest for many conditions being treated with medications there was a large psychological element.    The patient’s belief in the ability of a medicine to cure their physical condition was as important as the actual physical effect.  In fact, if a patient did not believe in the treatment it did not work anywhere so well and in a smaller number of cases didn’t work at all.       I started doing some research of my own which evolved into a full-blown study that arrived at an outstanding conclusion, basically over 60% of sufferers taking medication for their condition did not really need to do so.     In will explain this in more detail in future posts.  on 

The old adage “for a man sex is 5% friction and 95% imagination” could well be true!     From the trials I carried out there seemed to be promising indicators that in many cases there would be a psychological answer to this terrible condition which was causing many such misery.  The deeper I dug into understanding the subconscious the closer I came to fixing my own problem, and then I was rewarded with success and found exactly how to configure a hypnosis programme to deal with the condition.    What a wonderful moment it was when I realized I had cured my Erectile Dysfunction and my marriage was on sound foundations once more.

For most of the common conditions we are considering there are very many medications and or alternative treatments, but almost exclusively they target only the 5% physical side of the issue. Indeed, many go further and suggest the need for belief in or reference to the psychological aspects for evidence look no further than the patient leaflet supplied in the ED medications. (more about this in future posts)

Since I have been online for some years now, I have come to observe that very many people have a dislike for taking medicines on the grounds that it is not natural to put foreign substances into one’s body.     But with hypnosis you can and should fix your largely psychological issues by the same means.     It is the only fully natural, way without side effects and as fast as possible to get to your desired destination.

Those who know me will understand that I am a deeply compassionate person and have dedicated my life to helping others, my work with unhappy patients to return them to full and happy functionality is ever present.    I am here to do the right thing and if you are suffering from any condition it is vitally important that you too come to the right decision about your treatment.

Today, while there are multi choices of medication for almost any common aliment available over the counter and through prescriptions, if you are serious about doing the right thing you should always consider is there another less invasive way to treat it?    Self-Hypnosis offer, an obvious alternative on every count, Safety, Cost, Speed, Ease of accessibility.

As I shall cover in later posts here, Hypnosis is not witchcraft or magic nor old wife’s tales it is a fully science-based activity used and proven by over 1000 years of application in many cultures.

 My motivation for bring this service to the attention and benefit of people suffering from any of the common aliments is because twofold, 1) having faced such an issue myself I know the pain that it can bring and 2) it is in my DNA to try and do the right thing.    Further than that I want anyone who has any of these issues to consider how it is having an effect on those closest and dearest, to do the right thing and search for help to fix things once and for all.

Reviewing the remedies market today one can detect that the pharmaceutical companies are extremely active in promoting their products.   We cannot blame them for that since they will have spent a great deal of money and time on researching, developing and manufacture ring their inventions.   However, that does not mean that their medicines are always the right thing for a particular sufferer to use.   Take for example someone suffering from ED, they will most likely prescribe some form of Pill therapy and for a short period this might work, but as we now know ED is a largely psychological condition.     You see it is much easier for a doctor to write a prescription for some medicines on which he may be getting paid sales commissions in addition to collection easily earned fees for his service.     And my research goes further and finds that the population is being conditioned to think ‘there is a Pill to fix every condition’   So we are all contributing to this shocking state of affairs.    But I know from experience that people are much wiser than is normally proclaimed, every day I get asked are there, alternative treatments of their conditions.  The main objection to traditional medicines is, that it cannot be right to put foreign substances in one’s body. Before I conclude with the subject of available medicines it is worth noting that none are 100% effective, there are always some doubt about the safety of use in every situation.  However, to be fair medicines are mostly prescribed for the treatment of closely defined symptoms and in that sense do not attempt to cure the whole condition the patient is suffering from.      It’s not the physician’s fault. it’s the way he/she has been trained to think.   At the end of the day the bottom line is ‘it is YOUR body and you have a duty to do the right thing by it!

What if you could find a way to fix your issues without the use of drugs, medicines or anything mechanical or herbal.    How would this be possible you might well ask?    The answer is that untapped strength and ability to fix your problem lies within all of us.   After all we are only as good as our minds can make us, our mind controls everything we do, say and live.    Many people upon hearing of a hypnotic treatment immediately think that somehow the therapist is planning to mess with their minds, nothing could be further from the truth.   What myself and the majority of up-to-date practitioners use to help clients is to provide them with the means to do so themselves, this involves teaching clients how to Hypnotise themselves and thus be in full control of their own destiny.     Self-Hypnosis is the way forward; you will need some assistance to get started which is where I can help you.   Once you have learnt how to fix oner issue you can apply it to any other issue, a technique you can use over and over again to get immediate relief from the pain of PE, ED, PTSD, Anxiety, Stress, Fear of almost anything, the list goes on and on and you can fix it yourself.  Consider! Is this not a better solution to your current pain, concern, and frustration than taking pills, other medicines or undergoing surgery?

Thank you for reading this post and I invite you to comment freely, ask questions or explore your issues further by booking a private call. 

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