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Which of the following is applicable to you?


The one thing they all have in common is that they are all affected by our minds.

The treatment options for any of these and many others can be reduced to only two major options.

On the assumption that you would rather not be taking medication due to the ever-present risk of nasty side effects.   That leaves, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) or Hypnosis.  These are the most popular treatments readily available in the United Kingdom.    There are others but they are so scarce that for practical purposes we can discount them.

Having decided on one of these options the only thing left to consider is whether you would prefer to visit a therapist in person or would you like to be treated Remotely in the in the comfort of your own home using audio and or Video communications.  This also has the benefit of it being available anywhere throughout the UK.

CBT is usually conducted in clinic conditions in person face to face. It seeks to alter the way people interrupt the world and how you can change to a healthy happier frame of mind, using only the power of persuasion and addressing the conscious part of the mind.     Because of this mythology it usually takes a much longer to reach a satisfactory outcome, meaning repeated visits to the therapist.    Sessions start at about £80 an hour.

Hypnosis often done face to face (in Clinic) it can also be achieved working remotely.  The method used is one of extreme relaxation which is taught first and then the therapist addresses the subconscious part of the mind making suggestions which would be beneficial to the patient.   Its, important to note that you cannot be made to do or think anything you do not want to accept during hypnosis. You are just in a very relaxed state both physically and mentally while under hypnosis.  Its very safe and has no side effects.   Sessions cost   from £30 and quite often many conditions can be completely corrected in a single session.

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