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What Causes Erectile Dysfunction in 20s

ED in your 20s can be embarrassing and confusing. It’s normally seen as something that older people in their 50s, 60s and 70s get; but younger men in their 20s can and do experience erectile dysfunction.

One study suggests as many as 5% of 20-30 year old’s experience ED. But why do they get it?

Performance anxiety

We live in an anxious, pressurised world which can often result in men becoming overwhelmed by performance anxiety.  This can become a vicious circle when there is added anxiety about ED.


Depression can have an affect on libido and sometimes ability to maintain an erection.  Drugs for depression can also cause ED.  Added depression about inability to maintain an erection just fuels the problem.


For young men who like a drink, alcohol can be the culprit to their erectile dysfunction, sadly alcohol does not give men any advantages beyond greater confidence perhaps.  In fact since alcohol is a depressant, in high quantities it can inhibit the ability to sustain an erection.


Men of any age who are overweight can suffer with ED.  This is not because of their weight exactly, but because obesity is often a pre-cursor to other conditions such as type 2 diabetes and vascular diseases which can cause ED.

Erectile dysfunction is not uncommon at all for men of any age. In fact all men will experience it at some point in their lives. If it is regularly a problem for you then you may want to seek treatment – not necessarily drugs.

What to do if you have ED in your 20s?

If you think your ED is being caused by alcohol, drink less. If you have diabetes or heart concerns, speak to your GP. If there are no physical reasons (most likely), consider hypnosis, CBT or counselling to deal with the psychological factors. Often it is not the thought of ED alone, but perhaps other factors that need treating, such as general anxiety, depression or stress.

There’s no need to turn to expensive drugs, it is far better to treat the psychological causes for most men in their 20s. Drugs like Viagra are only ever really a short-term solution, a sticking plaster which does not address the real cause of your ED; that should be your goal.

Always consult your GP before self prescribing any Viagra.

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