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Why pills are not enough

For the purpose of this post I thought that I would start with drawing your attention to what others are saying on the subject of fixing Erectile Dysfunction, rather than stating my own opinions even if I am guided by over 25 years of experience.

Here is what Nadia Bokody a world leading authority on the subject

“Essentially ED is what is referred to as a spectrum disorder, it can manifest differently from one man to another. While some men experience it only sporadically, for others, the issue is chronic.

 Its causes are equally as complex – ranging from physical conditions like diabetes, obesity and heart disease, to psychological issues like stress, depression and performance anxiety.

This may explain why, despite the explosion of the ED drug market, we’re no closer to a real solution for it than we were two decades ago.

Less talked about are the disturbing side effects that come hand-in-hand with prescription treatments for the sexual disorder.

Sildenafil, the active drug in Viagra, was linked to over 1,800 deaths during its first decade on the market and a 2018 study found that when taken in higher doses, the drug’s active ingredient can also cause vision disturbances, including permanent retina damage.

In fact, Viagra’s own website lists, “abnormal vision, such as changes in colour vision (such as having a blue colour tinge) and blurred vision” as a “common side effect”.

Unfortunately, the risks of the pharmaceutical routes for dealing with ED still far outweigh any perceived benefits of being able to sexually perform on cue.

That said, there are safer alternatives for improving your chances of achieving an erection.

There’s unlikely to ever be a miracle cure for ED, largely because it’s not a disease.”

The British Medical Journal in their published report

UK management guidelines for erectile dysfunction

Psychiatric problems to which the assessor needs to be alert include generalised anxiety states, depressive illness, psychosis, body dysmorphic disorder, gender identity problems, and alcoholism. It should be borne in mind that erectile dysfunction is associated with many types of drugs (table)

From these and many more respected sources there are a number of issues that the man looking for a way to recover from Erectile Dysfunction will need to seriously consider.     First, what is now accepted by the medical profession world wide is that there is no single medicine, procedure or procedure that can cure ED.    Next, with medications there is significant risk of undesirable side effects, ranging from unpleasant to frankly lethal outcomes.  

Most published papers on the subject of treatment for ED are recognising that generally more that one factor is involved and that these are mainly psychological with a much less influence of Physical conditions.     It is still unestablished, which is the cause and which is a symptom, so to some extent attention needs to be primarily focussed on the psychological once the physical elements have been eliminated.  For this reason, we always suggest you consult your physician to deal with any physical irregularities that may be present.  

From the available reports it seems that the primary reason a person suffering from erectile dysfunction will have as a physical issue is lack of sufficient blood flow to the penis.   I understand, that more often than not, this condition arose with passing years, thus the older the patients are the more likely to experience this.  However there appears to be a number of other causes like Heart (blood pressure) and other normally unconnected causes such as Diabetes.  There are known medicines which would prevent one obtaining an erection so that is something that needs to be considered by your doctor.  The most common treatment prescribed for the lack of Blood flow in the penis are Pills.    There are quite a few alternatives but generally its one of Viagra, Cialis, Tadalafil etc.  What these meds have in common is that they are aimed at increasing the Blood Flow to the penis during sexual stimulation.  

 So, there are two aspects to this approach.  Firstly, this is NOT a Cure, it is a temporary FIX, it does not have a long, lasting effect, instead it must be applied when the patient is about to have sexual activity.   Thus, it has to be repeated every time one wishes to get an erection and even then, it doesn’t always work.  And secondly, Unless, you are entirely convinced it will work there is a fair chance that it won’t. 

This brings us to the subject of the Psychology behind the act of sexual arousal.

Before I move on to further explore the treatment of erectile Dysfunction here are a couple of things to remember


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Erectile Dysfunction sufferers need to take a two, pronged approach to applying treatment, realizing that Pills alone are not enough.

Most experts, agree that sexual arousal in men is a complicated business, yes, I know, you think I am kidding well read on.

Just think for a moment, what do you suppose causes you to get an erection in the first place?  I am sure that if you give this question a serious consideration you will probably arrive at the conclusion that your body has received some form of stimulus.    Correct, but this is not the whole story, because a lot happens between your receiving the triggers in the form of your five senses of Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch, Taste, and your witnessing an erection.

To understand, you need to know something of how your brain works.  There are two main parts or rather functions, the conscious and the subconscious each have distinct functions, each as important and the other.

First there is the Conscious part, we are all aware of this since it is the part that enables to Walk, Read, Speak and much more, it is the part that interfaces with the world beyond ourselves.  Importantly the conscious is what confirms that we are indeed alive.  It is able to work things out and decide what our next move should be.   However, the one feature that is not so apparent is that it has a short memory span, generally we can only remember the seven latest thoughts.

The Subconscious part of our brains is probably the most interesting because we do not know as much about it as we do with the part that we are constantly aware of in the conscious part.   However, a lot of research has been done on the subconscious mind and its functioning.     The investigations range from those on lower levels of animals to ourselves, researchers such as Sigmund Freud, Carl Gustav Jung, Milton Erickson have contributed much over the recent years.. Work on understanding the subconscious has been continuous for several centuries, but its true nature will forever remain elusive.

 The main tool that has been developed and enables us access some of the functions of the subconscious is hypnosis.  Over the last 30 or so years the development of hypnosis for clinical purposes has been refined to the point that today most us practicing use a form of hypnosis controlled by the patient and is commonly referred to as self-hypnosis.    This form of hypnosis is to a great degree an advanced form of relaxation.  Understand that when you are in a very relaxed state it is possible to address your subconscious directly.

The subconscious mind features a fantastic memory, it stores everything we ever see hear or in any other way perceive.  However, it uses a system of filing unlike any other so that is why we all have trouble recalling things from time to time.  The subconscious cannot calculate and can be selective in what it gives priority to.  Another feature is its ability to control our Heart beating, Temperature and very many other things we do not consciously think about in our daily lives.  The primary function of the subconscious is to ensure we perform exactly as we have been programmed to do.    This is where things can go wrong, but through the use of hypnosis are usually easy to correct, depending largely on the patient’s willingness to co-operate.   It provides the missing links between your physical ability and conscious mind. 

Several major studies have shown that applying psychological approach to erectile dysfunction using hypnosis works well in 85 to 92% of cases and when physical intervention is additionally applied ever higher success rates are achieved.  It is estimated that the subconscious accounts for nearly 90% of the function of obtaining an erection.  

I trust you have enjoyed reading this account and should you have any comments good or bad, helpful or otherwise I am more than happy to hear from you.

Alan L Smith

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