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Why You have ED

In this article we shall discuss and explore the male function of sexual arousal and its complex nature. On the basis that knowledge is golden, we will try to inform and educate the reader in the mysteries of a process over which there has been a lot of debate and now considerable consensus following ground breaking experimentation in the esteemed academic circles. (a)
Erectile Dysfunction is for most men a very debilitating condition, that many, fail, to accept even its existence in the first place. This leads to prolonging of the condition and refusal to contemplate discussion of it, even with anyone to whom they may be, closely or emotionally attached. This is where we hope some progress can be made, by providing the reader with an understanding of, the physical and psychological factors which are present in the normally healthy, prior to, during and after sexual arousal.
The set of events, which comprise of largely invisible actions within the brain and many different types of hormones produced throughout the body before an erection is witnessed. This is why, for so long, little was known about the exact nature of these processes. When you consider that everyone is different, reacts differently to stimuli and has many unique views on life, one can immediately begin to see why this subject was in the past so hard to investigate in a schematic manner with the rigour required of scientific methods. Fortunately, over the last twenty years a great deal of attention and effort has been focused into revealing the detail of the process of male erection. (b)If you have read any of my previous blogs or articles you will be well aware of the fact that I have always described the male erections process as something extremely complicated. So, on this occasion I would like to refer you to an excellent paper on the subject published by the Endocrine Society and can be viewed here
For your convenience I am attaching a copy of the appropriate illustration which is summery of the unseen activity taking place before, during and after sexual encounters.
In order to get a more detailed picture of what happens to cause an erection you need to understand a little about how our brains function. Essentially our minds operate on two distinct levels. These are the Conscious part of which we humans are fully aware of at all times throughout our waking hours and the second part is called the Subconscious, which we hardly ever notice its functioning. This is odd when you consider that the Subconscious is demonstrably the most important part of our being. The Subconscious mind is responsible for the maintenance of the majority of our body functions. For instance, what do you suppose determines how often our heart beats or when we need to remember something for any length of time? Our Subconscious mind gives the orders to our hormonal system determining how much, which and when of our glands are to secrete the special substances which tells the body what to do. And a very special responsibility for the retention of everything we ever see, hear, feel or in any way perceive, the Subconscious mind’s memory is nothing short of fantastic. One other important function of our Subconscious mind is that it never sleeps, and the proof for this is obvious, otherwise we would all just pass away in our sleep, but during sleep our Conscious mind does rest and that is why we hardly notice what is really going on.
Now we can visualize see how a man gets an erection in the knowledge that the sequences have been verified in laboratory studies, backed up by a number of learned papers published on the subject.
The following brief description of the erection process is on the assumption that the subject does not have any physical factors such damage, or drug use which would run counter to the ability to gain an erection.
From the above we can see that in order to start the process leading to an erection certain signals must be received by the subconscious. These signals come in the form of triggers which can be in received as any one or more of the five senses. Sound (your partners voice) or Sight (your partner’s appearance) Touch (what she or he feel like) or Smell (Your partner’s perfume) or Taste (your partners Kiss). Just how these signals are interpreted is obviously important, and this is where can so easily go wrong, but if decoded correctly the Subconscious mind will retrieve the set of instructions telling it what exactly needs to be done. A special signal is sent to the hypothalamus and pituitary glands of the endocrine system, which in turn sets of a whole sequence of hormone production through appropriate glands, resulting in increased blood flow and pressure to the penis and thus causing and erection. That is a simplified description in practice there are many more stages in between the major events I have outlined.
What causes the effect that results in the Subconscious failing to take the action or taking an incorrect action? The answer is many different things, but as an example, your emotional condition for instance, if you are upset over something in the period coming up to sexual activity then that can be enough to disrupt the delicate operation of the mind at that point, even though you may be completely unaware of it. Another example and one that is fairly common in ED sufferers, is Anxiety often arising from a previous negative experience.
To sum up you will appreciate that the Subconscious mind is involved at every step of the way, so it naturally follows that any treatment for Erectile Dysfunction must include a psychological dimension.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and that you may find some insights which you did not have before, your comments are always welcome, so please feel free to respond at your leisure.
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